The Isolation of Depression; You Are Not Alone

The Isolation of Depression You are not alone I felt alone during the years I lived with bipolar depression. There is nothing easy about the reality of living with mental illness but from my perspective the most difficult thing to deal with and move past is the isolation. No one seems to understand you. Even you […]

Beyond Loneliness: A Key to Connection

Beyond Loneliness – Are you a part of something bigger? One of my favorite ‘coming of age’ movies is Sabrina.  It’s the story of a reclusive girl who is lives a lonely life, kept company only by her fantasies.  One day she gets sent to Paris on an internship.  She struggles initially and reacts with […]

3 Tools to use When You are About to Give Up

I heard a story today.  It was about an open water swimmer, Florence Chadwick, who attempted to swim from the Catalina Islands to the coast of Southern California, a 15-mile distance, in the 1950’s. A thick fog descended mid-swim and obscured her view of the shore she was swimming towards.  Unable to see her destination […]

Suicide: How to talk to someone who is struggling – Lauren Polly

In honor of suicide prevention and awareness week… Someone struggling with suicide How do you help someone who is struggling and contemplating suicide? When my suicide letter was found, and in the years of struggle that followed, I was met with one phrase over and over again; “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary […]

Awaken Your Zest: How to infuse your business and life

Awakening Your Zest for Life “Lauren’s contagious laugh and zest for life influence all that cross her path.” My publicists added this line to my biography recently. It tickled and delighted me. It is a quality that I don’t acknowledge enough in myself yet something that others do over and over again. Thank goodness! The […]

I’ve been published on Maria Shriver’s Blog!

Some of you may know Of Maria Shriver’s Blog– an amazing resource of blogs and articles focused on empowerment, healing and transformational tips. Well… I have the pleasure of being published and featured on her site and in her social media with an article I penned; 3 Ways to Explore Your Difference as a Gift, […]

Mental Illness Violence Stigma: What Makes Us Stand Apart?

I know it all too well. The comments overheard at parties, work, school… “It’s because they have a mental illness.  That’s why…”Each time I heard this, watched the accompanying eye rolls and felt the undercurrent of fear, I shrank into myself.  I would smooth out my hair, stand a bit taller and put on my ‘normal’ […]

How to Take Care of Yourself

How do you take care of yourself? Is this a mystery, an impossibility or something that doesn’t even blip on your radar? Our lives so frequently revolve around taking care of others or their relation to us. We live with an outward focus, diving deep into other people’s worlds. ‘What does my spouse need from […]

Getting Back Your Mojo

I had one of those weeks… You know the kind I’m talking about.  Where you feel deflated, confused and like you can’t tell where to put your feet next.  No matter the possibilities that showed up for me it was followed by this immediate angst of: not enough money, not enough time, not enough fun, […]

Creating Mental Ease Through Body Care; Part 2 of Mental Health and Bodies

Can caring for your body be a way to create more mental ease? We have all experienced being over worked or going through a difficult life transition where we let our caring for our body slide. Why is that? So much of the stress, anxiety and problems we are looking to solve eat up our […]

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