1:1 Sessions

I get asked all the time, “How did you change your life so fast and dynamically?

From being Bipolar on multiple medications to being label and medication free

From a rote day job as a Speech Pathologist to an International Business Owner

From journaling in a private notebook to an International Best-Selling Author

From being stressed, dissatisfied and guarded to living peacefully, joyfully and wide awake in the world.

My secret weapon?  One to One coaching sessions.

I’ve always found value in a deep dive with a mentor.  From my early years with traditional therapy to my studies in yoga, meditation, medical speech pathology, energy psychology and Access Consciousness I found that personalized targeted work was the fastest rote to learn new tools, implement them consistently and for changing whatever I desired so I could get on with the joy of creating my life.

You do not have to spend years of your life in therapy to achieve lasting and real change. 

You do not need to pull away from the world and give up your life to foster peace of mind.

You do not need fix yourself before you can begin to live. 

You do not need to pick through the past to have peace in the now and to create a future you love.

I’m happy to take what I have learned from my own personal 20-year journey through the counseling world, yoga teacher training, meditation training, medical speech therapy training, 12 plus years of therapy with critically ill patients and over 10,000 hours of Access Consciousness® classes to create an up leveling of the best therapy/self-help/healing/mentoring offered today.

Life Without Limits coaching is the culmination of everything I have learned, both personally and professionally. It delights me to short-cut your transformative process by passing on all that I have learned and achieved.

The Method

The secret to success is a two-pronged approach.

Most coaches, therapists and healers focusing only on clearing past issues and problem solving.   This is a vital part of the process but it’s only half of it!

The greatest lie I find in traditional therapy and spiritual practices is the need to fix things before you can move forward.  This isn’t true and is a waste of valuable time.

Instead a dual approach of ONE energetically clearing stuck behavior, cognitive and emotional patterns while TWO creating your life through practical action steps allows you to move faster, more smoothly and in real time.

These two tracks, when worked on simultaneously, create the most comprehensive coaching method and will catalyze you beyond any limitation while making creative easeful living readily accessible.

Life Without Limits Coaching is personalized, holistic, wellness-focused, awareness-based and serves to expand your consciousness.

Our work together focuses on target-setting, accountability, personalized facilitation, strength identification, practical tools, energetic clearing and daily action steps.

This program is for you if:

  • You are living on auto-pilot; feeling like you are hitting the repeat button every day and are ready to create a life that is creative, fun and energizing.
  • You are focused on surviving, just getting by, maintaining the status quoe, are BORED and ready for a more zestful living.
  • You are less then satisfied with your current life or parts of it – life is too short to spend this way!
  • You are stuck in stale patterns and are ready for a new way of looking at yourself, your body, your relationships and the world.
  • You are desiring to CREATE something – whether it’s a business, a relationship, a healthier body or a more peaceful mental state.
  • You have a limited view point of who you are and what you can achieve and are ready to explore what is truly possible.

You can dream big, go after your goals and create a life far beyond what you have imagined.

All it takes is the willingness to try, the desire to move ahead and the tenacity of never giving up!

And remember…  You are not alone.  I’m here with you every step of the way!

Offered both in person in Los Angeles or virtually (phone or skype)

Single Sessions for a specific tune up: 15 minutes $90, 30 minutes $225, 60 minutes $375 


Monthly Programs for Deeply Supported Transformation.
After purchase Lauren will contact you directly for scheduling.

Exploration Package: 1 Month $1450 Buy HERE
1 x 60 minute intake and orientation session
3 x 60 minute personal coaching session (in person or telephone)
Weekly exercises, homework and insight customized to client
1 month of email support to enhance coaching
3 x 10 minute telephone laser coaching sessions

Master Package: 3 Months $1350/mth Buy HERE
75 minute intake and orientation session
11 x 60 minute personal coaching session (in person or telephone)
Weekly exercises, homework and insight customized to client
3 months of email support to enhance coaching
9 x 10 minute telephone laser coaching sessions

Deep Dive Package: 6 Months $1250/mth Buy HERE
75 minute intake and orientation session
23 x 60 minute personal coaching session (in person or telephone)
Weekly exercises, homework and insight customized to client
Unlimited email support to enhance coaching
Unlimited telephone laser coaching sessions

“I’ve worked with many coaches and healers. The difference with Lauren is that when I leave a session not only do I feel better but I have clear ways of continuing to create that feeling in my daily life. That is priceless!” — Mary, San Francisco

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