• 3 Tips for Creating a Life you LOVE!
Creating a Life You Love
I got the kindest compliment from a co-worker today.  “Lauren, I just love your life!”
What was even more wonderful to hear was her next sentence…  “I really love mine too!”
I laughed at her open exuberance as she continued on “Yours is just so different than mine. It’s kinda cool!”
I so enjoy people who are loving what they are creating. And what is our biggest creation? Our LIFE!
Now the life that you love may look very different from someone else’s; different relationships, jobs, adventures, kids or no kids…
This is the case with me and my co-worker. My single wandering gypsy life brings me the joy that her stable suburban married life brings to her.
Our lives look different however the energies that sustain and substantiate those lives are similar.
Happiness. Joy. Peace. Gratitude. Relaxation. Ease.
These are all energies that are not defined. They do not match a similar picture. Your happy doesn’t look like anyone else’s happy. Just as your peace doesn’t look like anyone else’s peace.
One set back I see frequently with clients is the pictures they have in their minds of what their happy life should be and their frustration when life doesn’t show up that way.
If you are struggling with this I invite you to look at:
1.  Are those pictures yours? Or have you bought them from other people? Trying to create a life you love based on other people’s expectations and preferences is quite tricky…

2.  What is beyond those pictures? Pictures are conclusions and only allow you to be happy if you create exactly the image you have in mind. What if the life that makes you happy looks different then you anticipate it would?  What’s required to create that?

3.  What is the ENERGY that accompanies these pictures? Is there lightness in your space? Do you and your body get relaxed? Do you smile? Does it tickle your insides? Do you get excited butterflies? Start to tune into the energy underneath the pictures and the next time something shows up that gives you that energy or sensation choose it – even if it looks different then you think it would.

A life that you love is self-sustaining and easeful when it is built on the energies that fulfill us – not on the mind pictures of what should make us happy.
What if creating a life that you love is as easy as choosing based on what makes you happy, joyful, peaceful, grateful and relaxed?
No matter what it looks like…

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