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Lauren Polly, MEd., CF, RYT, is a catalyst for people who are living their life on autopilot. Through her cutting edge classes and 1:1 coaching, she’s here to help you shift from surviving to thriving through dynamic healing, empowerment and change.

A Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator, ASHA Certified Medical Speech-Language Pathologist and Registered Yoga Instructor, Lauren has shown thousands of people around the world how to engage boldly with themselves, their body and the world, so they create the life they desire.

Areas of Expertise:

Conscious Mental Health

Lauren was diagnosed as Bipolar at age 14 and spent years in the western medical system.  During her 20’s Lauren began searching for alternative modalities to help ease her mood fluctuations and began to wean herself off of the psychiatric medications that were sickening her body.

Therapy, self-help tools and meditation helped take the edge off but her life only truly changed when she started to acknowledge what her mental disorder actual was.  Through using the practical tools of Access Consciousness® and specifically the tools of Talk to the Entities®, she realized her “sensitivities” were actual strengths in entity awareness and communication. In fact, most of the diagnosable problems that won her the bipolar label were actually capacities that no one, including Lauren, understood. Through the path of self-discovery and building her self-awareness Lauren was able to come off medications completely.

Now educated about her strengths and equipped with tools to thrive in her awareness she helps coach others to the same empowered stance.

Lauren’s internationally best-selling book, The Other Side of Bipolar, chronicles her transformative path and invites you to walk along side of her to transform yourself.  Her book has been awarded the Silver Nautilus Book Award  2016, Finalist in the Best Book Awards 2016 and is up for the Independent Publisher’s Award as well.

The storm of mental illness doesn’t end.  It is through self-awareness and the constant demand to be generating your life, not destroying it, that you learn to ride it. It’s about staying on the cusp of the storm and riding the forward momentum, not allowing yourself to get swept away by it.” —Lauren Polly

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Conscious Communication 

Lauren began her foray into the field of communication in 2005 when she earned her Master’s degree from the U. of Va. in Communication Disorders with a focus in Speech and Language Pathology.  She has worked with thousands of patients in the country’s top hospitals since that time.  Lauren enjoys exploring beyond the boundaries that are currently used in traditional speech/language therapy practices.  She interweaves her yoga, meditation and energy transformation training into her sessions with tremendous results.  Not only do people’s ability to communicate effectively grow but their ability to create the life they desired does too.

The definition of communication in its limited view point is one of only verbal speech.  Lauren works with individuals to broaden that perspective to see communication as a creation tool.  In all actuality communication is our interaction and engagement with the world around us.  It is through that interaction and our adeptness at it that we create relationships, businesses, our sense of self and momentary engagement with the energy around us.

Lauren delights in challenging her clients, whether individuals, couples or corporations, to be more present, open and aware in their interactions.  This combined with clear targets on creation leads to magic.  Easeful, fun and truly intimate communication is born.

“I’ve worked with many coaches and healers. The difference with Lauren is that when I leave a session not only do I feel better but I have clear ways of continuing to create that feeling in my daily life. That is priceless!” — Mary, San Francisco

Conscious Embodiment

Lauren’s love of bodies stems from her classical dance and yoga training and her work as a rehabilitation therapist with catastrophic injuries and illnesses. It was through the disparity of Lauren’s enjoyment of her own body and watching her disabled patients struggle with theirs that her curiosity was peaked.  She began seeking different ways of working with the relationship, specifically the communication, between people and their bodies to invite more health, connection and enjoyment. 
Lauren’s target with her Happy Body workshops, sessions and products is to create the awareness and acknowledgment that our bodies are a gift.  They are our vessels for pleasure on this planet and amazing partners for creating a more expansive life.  Our bodies naturally have energies that are healing, nurturing and creative.  By engaging with these joyful and generative energies you can create more pleasure and ease in all aspects of your life.

“Lauren truly lives an orgasmic lifestyle. It’s attractive, contagious, authentic, vulnerable, wholesome, and sexy! She’s opened up my awareness to see, that orgasmic energy is not just the act of copulation. It’s a becoming, a conscious effort within. Thank you Lauren, you radiate!” —Roshni, Los Angeles

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