Anxiety-Free Living Awaits: Dive into Transformative Tools with The Lighten Up Podcast!

Do you believe anxiety is a given part of life?

It doesn’t have to be! Relief is on the way. Join me, Lauren Polly, on a transformative journey exploring unconventional tools for anxiety relief. Sign up below for exclusive access to the top 3 episodes from The Lighten Up Podcast. Reclaim your peace and ease now! 

You’ll learn…

✔  Surprising a-ha’s on what anxiety is (it’s way different than you think!)

✔  Morning exercises for a stress-free day

✔  How to reclaim peace in overstimulated environments

✔  Energetic exercises to combat stress and noise

✔  Practical tools for relaxation and anxiety interruption

✔  How to thrive in an anxiety provoking world…

What’s different about The LIghten Up Podcast? 

It’s not the seriousness that will set you free. It’s the lightness.

Seriousness causes more heady-ness, confusion and weight that slows you down.

Lightness creates growing room and an unfolding of possibilities.

It’s the secret sauce for transforming with ease! 


Yes, Our reality is anxiety provoking.  Whether it’s the…

✔  constant environmental stimulation

 ✔  living up to expectations at work

✔  relationship drama

✔  tapping into “interesting” world events

✔  or just a sense that something is off that you can’t find a reason for – 


Daily life is enough to set your mind racing and put your body on high alert!

So many of us have taken this as a given in life, a necessary evil that we can manage but never quite get rid of.

We’ve built so many patterns around it that getting triggered into anxiety is way too easy. And finding our way out is way too hard!   

I’d love to introduce you to life changing tools for anxiety relief

And I’ve created this special bundle of my most downloaded podcasts on the topic to do just that.

These tools have released my bigger anxieties: overwhelmed flip-outs, social freezing and insomnia.

And my more subtle worries, fussy-ness and control tactics (aka anxiety-lite). 

They have brought me lasting relief and a sense of peace and possibility.  

I’ve also used them with thousands of clients and they all report similar lovely effects…



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Meet Your Host

Lauren knows first-hand how a mental health diagnosis can also mean a life of labels, stigma and limitation. After exploring alternative modalities along with traditional treatment, she discovered the importance of treating the whole person – body, mind, and soul. 

She discovered that she is a gifted empath who is keenly aware of others and her environment. Her entire life changed when she reclaimed those gifts beyond her diagnosis.

Now, she shares her transformative path to help those with similar stories reclaim their own gifts. Lauren is also a speaker and executive life coach. She works with leaders to trail-blaze their unique mission-driven work in the world.

Lauren received her Master’s degree from the University of Virginia in Communication Disorders with a focus in Speech and Language Pathology. She is the author of, The Other Side of Bipolar, an internationally best-selling and multi-award-winning book.