• Awaken Your Zest: How to infuse your business and life

Awakening Your Zest for Life

“Lauren’s contagious laugh and zest for life influence all that cross her path.”

My publicists added this line to my biography recently. It tickled and delighted me. It is a quality that I don’t acknowledge enough in myself yet something that others do over and over again. Thank goodness!

The first time it came up was when I was speaking to a friend about overcoming a certain limitation with my business. There were things I was creating that weren’t taking off in the way I had hoped. They felt dead before I even got them off the ground and when I eventually did there was no interest in them. That energy in my business spread to my life and I became low energy and felt lackluster. Not fun and not me… I knew there had to be an easier, and more expansive, way to create but I just couldn’t access it.

In this conversation my friend acknowledged my zest for life and suggested I infuse it to those business creations. To be honest I was a little unsure of how to do this but I forged ahead, discovering along the way, and voilà! Life was breathed in, interest sprouted and it became fun to create and play again.

How did I infuse zest into my creations? I moved towards my enthusiasm. I spoke to the topics that lit me up. I chose what was light and easy – no more pushing against roadblocks! I created things differently – in my way and not by the standards or formulations of others.

We underestimate the creative power our zest has. What is zest? It’s that which adds flavor, possesses great enthusiasm and energy and has keen enjoyment.

Our natural zest for living, fun, play, exploration and creating is a highly valuable, yet often times over looked, trait. It is a source of great creative energy and a highly desirable quality (as I am finding out!).
If you are feeling lackluster, bored, low energy or are having difficulty creating what you desire I wonder what adding more zest to your life could change?

Watch out for this conclusion trap: Do you think that this is a quality that you don’t possess? It looks different for all of us. It may be a bubbly joy, a sense of excitement, an energy of peace, an expansion of space… Just because your zest looks different than others doesn’t mean you don’t have it. Start to explore what adds zest – flavor, enthusiasm, energy and enjoyment – to your life and creations and go from there.

Acknowledge your zest, ask it to grow, move towards it and apply it to your life in any way that makes you happy. I wonder what you can create from there?

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