Being Social


Being Social: Uncovering the Graceful You


“Graceful interactions start with the wiliness to be open, present and clear with what you are looking to create. From there being social is easeful and fun. Truly authentic and intimate communication is born.” —Lauren Polly

Are you one of the many that feels awkward in social interactions? Where the day to day relations between family, friends, co-workers and clients are a struggle, ineffectual or stale? 

Do you have difficulty connecting to others, expressing yourself or being understood? 

Does your distaste or boredom for socializing have you pulling away from the world and missing out on life?

Communication breakdowns, inauthentic relations and withdrawing behaviors can wreak havoc on your relationships and create undesirable results. Be it the loss of a business deal or friendship, a fight with a loved one or just the sense that you didn’t deliver or create what was possible. This can lead to a sense of frustration, dissatisfaction and isolation.

How are these breakdowns created?
Our education on how to interact with each other is confined to social niceties and norms. We are taught to follow simplistic and idealistic rules which carry the blanket promise of being accepted and understood. While they are intended to be a helpful guide, they limit our communication. As we follow these rules and mimic how others interpret the rules, we leave out a very essential part of the conversation: ourselves. We lose the uniqueness of our expression and the ability to receive unexpectedly from our social endeavors.

What if there was a different possibility?

A way to utilize your unique abilities, presence and awareness to your advantage?

Where you could be eloquent in your expression and receive what you desire from every interaction you have?

Where being social could be fun, easy and feel like a true expression of you in the world?

Being Social: Uncovering the Graceful You focuses on building ease with communication regardless of the circumstances or your communication partner. By increasing your awareness of your unique innate skills and how to utilize them you become a clear and effective communicator, a master connector, a seductress of what you desire and a social butterfly that others flock to.

Lauren Polly’s Being Social: Uncovering the Graceful You products, 1:1 sessions and workshops create:
Authenticity of expression
Adeptness at dealing with difficult people/circumstances
Increased intimacy
Ease in social interactions
More creative expression
Environmental modifications to set yourself up for success, aka “mood lighting”
How to choose what works for you when relating to others
Self communication for more clarity of creation
More ease, fun and spontaneity with every interaction! 

“I hadn’t realized that I was bored in communications because I wasn’t allowing myself to show up as me. After working with Lauren personal and professional interactions are more focused, creative and easy.” —Susan, Toronto

“My writing is more liquid, the solid places that once stuck me and kept me from moving forward are gone. The moment of pause and hesitation, the doubt is no longer a strong distractor for me and my work feels lighter and more playful! Thank you so much!” —Chrissy, Indiana

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