What is ready to be expressed in your life?

What’s that THING you would love to create and it’s just under the surface?

What is it going to take to live it fully?

What’s this 4-month program about?

“Lauren is a wonder. When I began working with her, I wanted to rediscover my power. What I experienced was my true self and my body. These two things, opened me to an expanded awareness, which helped me to realize not only my true identity, but how I can use this to create possibilities. Working with Lauren is a wondrous adventure, and a gift that you give yourself.”
~ Renee, Oregon

Why do brilliant people stop?

It’s so common for people lay groundwork to blaze a new trail to expand their life in some capacity, but then something stops them from moving forward. 

Sometimes, it can look like standing around, looking at details, or wondering when they are going to end up at the destination without every taking the steps along the path.

The disheartening energy of spinning your wheels with no actual change to show for it is enough to make you want to give up! 

Why does this happen?

  1. Lack of clarity – if you don’t truly know what’s possible, how do you know what action to take?
  2. Lack of courage – if you can’t reach past your comfort zone, how can you ever grow?
  3. Lack of fun – if you aren’t enjoying the journey, you’ll never create to your fullest potential!

Welcome to a totally different possibility!

To edge you out of your comfort zone and create what’s truly possible there are two things that are required:

Knowledge is great and implementing that knowledge in a way that works for you is where you’ll see your biggest results.
The best part is you have the support, accountability and clarity to make implementation even easier!

When you are creating a change, it’s really easy to go back to what’s comfortable.
That’s why taking these tools into your real life will speed things up without going back to the default of your old life. 

What would it be like to get clear, build courage and surprise yourself by how fun it can be!

You are warmly invited to join Lauren and other trailblazers around the globe in an exploration and implementation of what’s truly possible in your quest for what’s next!

“Lauren’s facilitation is as light as a feather and as clear as a star.” 
~ Stacey, Chicago

Over these 4-months together we will:

You’ll see things  that you otherwise wouldn’t see.  You’ll find yourself in new scenarios you couldn’t have imaged, you’ll discover things you thought you wanted actually don’t suit you and you need to change course.  You’ll also discover hidden joys – and things you excel at that you never dreamed possible.

Forward Movement (ACTION!!!!)
You’ll build momentum, play and total presence with yourself and the elements of your living.

When you have even the smallest of wins, you’ll build encouragement that propels you forward into even bigger wins.

You’ll have hiccups along the way. Old patterns will show up. The difference NOW is you have tools to clearly see new choices and the ability to pivot instead of getting stuck. 

Instead of hoping or wishing for things to show up, you’ll have the experience of HAVING and BEING what you have set out for in a uniquely powerful way!

And the BEST news of all?  You don’t have to go it alone!

Over this 16-week deep dive series we’ll unpack what it takes to:

  • Be the leader of your own life so you create more joy and fulfillment in all your pursuits.  
  • Discover your strengths and how to use them to their fullest potential so burnout, feeling lost or unfulfilled is a thing of the past.
  • Nourish the out-of-balance aspects of yourself so you can kick the energy-draining habits that lead to empty-tank syndrome & over stretching yourself!   
  • Meet perceived risks and doubt with self-assurance and self-trust so that you become equipped to brilliantly handle any situation.
  • Integrate new possibilities fully into your day-to-day life so the new path you are forging becomes clearer and easier.  
  • Implement customizable tools, techniques and perspectives in real time to help you live on the creative edge of what’s possible.  You may be surprised where your journey takes you!

“I left the program with so much clarity on what was holding me back, how to change it and an acknowledgement of who I truly am and who I am already being!” 
~ Cheryl, Baltimore

The program details:


  • August 19 – December 2

Eight 1-hour live facilitation calls (meeting LIVE biweekly)

  • Each call is a mixture of cutting-edge content, tools for identifying and clearing blocks, perspective flips to ignite your innovation and clear action steps for bringing that innovation into reality.
  • Live Q & A for group coaching and for practical examples of how to apply this new insight directly to YOUR life
  • Each training call will be one hour via zoom (online classroom)
  • All recordings available within 24 hours
  • Can’t be on LIVE? No problem – submit your questions in advance to have them addressed on the call.
  • Home play featuring action challenges, inner exploration and guided meditations to deepen your journey

Private Facebook Group

  • Interact with Lauren and other trailblazers daily – keep the energy of change going strong, build community, share your wins and get support in real time when you require it!


$1595 USD,  Payment Plan $595 x 3

I am always intrigued with Lauren’s way to get to the root with your awareness that is so dynamically unique. Her willingness to share her ‘fails’ and showing how they are amazing strengths and possibilities that come from any adventure is like no other. As Lauren shares her navigating life adventure, she does so in a very vulnerable and empowering way – this inspires me to find my truth and allow my own voice to be heard.”
~ Tara, NYC

This program is for you if:

  • You know there is more possible for your life and you are ready to start HAVING it!
  • You have experience doing inner work – energetic clearing, mindset shifts, using self-awareness tools – and desire to integrate them more deeply
  • You are ready to explore and take action on your dreams
  • Implementation is number one on your to-do list
  • The idea of having a group of fellow trailblazers contributing to your journey excites and delights you!
  • The most important thing to you is living fully expressed as the unique gift you are to the world and the people in your life

This program isn’t for you if:

  • You feel the need for more soul searching at this time vs taking action
  • You don’t have a driving hunger for more on which you are ready to act
  • You don’t have the resources – time, money & energy – to invest in yourself at the moment 
  • You aren’t interested in bettering your life – you may resist it a bit though – that’s not the same thing!
  • You are in deep crisis – there may be other offerings and formats that better suit your needs then this program
  • If you are satisfied with living in your current circumstances over the next 5 years


TWO Private 30-minute sessions with Lauren valued at $700 USD

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Not sure if this program is a fit for you?

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A personal note from your guide, Lauren Polly:

I have spent a life long journey learning to care for myself.  Growing up overly sensitive to my environment, and the people in it, finding my feet in stressful circumstances was difficult.

I found myself in a chronic stress cycle in my adolescence and spent many rocky years looking for ways to ease my busy mind, balance my moods, form healthy relationships and develop a self-confidence that could carry me through. ​

I have spent years of study in the western medical system and alternative systems; yoga, meditation, energy transformation and life skills training to compile a unique viewpoint of and way out of the chronic stress cycle most of us are living in.

I have put these transformational tools to use over the course of my 13-plus year career as a medical speech pathologist, for my international business growth, to launch my first book to best-seller / multi-award-winner and, most joyfully, to cultivate a sense of peace and strength in myself along the way.

I have taught these tools to tens of thousands of people around the world who report the same effects I enjoy – simultaneous success in outward life achievements and self-care / actualization.

I have a passion for speaking to others in helping professions on how caregivers can care for themselves while doing what they love, adolescents and college student who are struggling with mental wellness and to leaders / creatives pushing their growing edge to go for the “impossibles” in their lives while enjoying more ease.

My mother always says, “Life is too short to stand in line and stare at the back of someone’s head.”

Life indeed is too short to not care for yourself, shy away from your dreams or just settle for what is. I truly believe we are all unique – we have singular viewpoints of the world, special gifts to offer and new paths to forge.

Consciousness development and life mastery are the final frontiers for trailblazers like you – what have you yet to explore? I would be delighted to assist you in that quest!


  1. Is there a money back guarantee? 

    Yes!  If you are not happy with the program after the first 30 days you can receive a full refund.

  2. What if I can’t attend the sessions live? 

    All sessions are recorded and will be sent out within 24 hours after the call.  You may also submit your questions / topics to Lauren before the call for her to address.

  3. If you have questions about the program please feel free to reach out to Lauren at lauren@laurenpolly.com

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