How to Take Care of Yourself

How do you take care of yourself? Is this a mystery, an impossibility or something that doesn’t even blip on your radar? Our lives so frequently revolve around taking care of others or their relation to us. We live with an outward focus, diving deep into other people’s worlds. ‘What does my spouse need from […]

Getting Back Your Mojo

I had one of those weeks… You know the kind I’m talking about.  Where you feel deflated, confused and like you can’t tell where to put your feet next.  No matter the possibilities that showed up for me it was followed by this immediate angst of: not enough money, not enough time, not enough fun, […]

Creating Mental Ease Through Body Care; Part 2 of Mental Health and Bodies

Can caring for your body be a way to create more mental ease? We have all experienced being over worked or going through a difficult life transition where we let our caring for our body slide. Why is that? So much of the stress, anxiety and problems we are looking to solve eat up our […]

Body Judgments and Self-Esteem; Part 1 of Mental Health and Bodies

Body Judgments and Self-Esteem; Part 1 of Mental Health and Bodies Could the dis-easy relationship with your body be contributing to sub-optimal mental health? The connection between our body and mind is a hot topic these days. Experts from different perspectives are linking stuck emotions, limited thought patterns and stress to poor body health. But […]

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve; the Beauty of your Tenderness

I love this saying and what it represents; being so open hearted that everyone in your life knows how you feel about them.  What I don’t love is the often ‘negative’ way it is used; with the implied message that there is something wrong with being open, vulnerable, honest and expressive in your loving. How […]

3 Tips for Creating a Life you LOVE!

Creating a Life You Love I got the kindest compliment from a co-worker today.  “Lauren, I just love your life!” What was even more wonderful to hear was her next sentence…  “I really love mine too!” I laughed at her open exuberance as she continued on “Yours is just so different than mine. It’s kinda […]

The Lie of Emergency

The Lie of Emergency   As I was rushing through my extra busy patient load at the hospital today I found myself engaging with an old thought pattern.  Everything is an emergency – DO IT NOW!  Stress.  Run.  Don’t breath just move.  Don’t BE just DO! This thought pattern is so familiar to me after […]

Stepping into the Light! New Offerings and tidbits on CREATION!

Stepping into the Light! New Offerings and tidbits on CREATION! As some of you know I just moved to Los Angeles after being on assignment in the High Desert of California for 5 weeks. My time in the desert was interesting… besides going a tad stir crazy I enjoyed the open sight lines, the beauty […]

The Most Important Relationship of Your Life

If you ranked the relationships in your life in order of the priority you give them, how far down on the list would your relationship with yourself be?  Does it even make the list? A few years ago I didn’t have a true relationship with myself.  I didn’t even know I should… I had no […]

The Lie of Loneliness – Lauren Polly

The Lie of Loneliness: As most of you know I have been traveling the world for the last few months. Alone. Along the way I have been to events or met up with folks for company but the vast majority of my time has been alone. I’m getting asked frequently if I’m lonely… “But who […]

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