Shaking off the Blues

Shaking off the Blues:
On-line 4-part Class

Do you know there is a lighter side to life possible but have yet to experience it?

Do you tap into a peaceful happiness at times but have difficulty maintaining it?

Is there a heaviness, sleepiness or blue feeling ever present in your life?

The ‘blue’ heavy feeling is something that we all experience from time to time… Sometimes it is brought on by life events, life changes or by being around others that are sad. At other times, it is brought on by seemingly nothing…. Things are going well, there is no immediate upset or problem but there is still a cloud hanging over our heads.

Have you settled for just putting up with this feeling? Thinking it couldn’t be changed or that you could never be free of it?

There is so much more possible… You don’t have to settle for these feelings being a constant companion or a frequent visitor in your life. Living on the lighter side of life, one where a peaceful happiness is easily accessible, is possible. Join Lauren Polly, international best-selling author of The Other Side of Bipolar, in an exploration of how to shake off the blues and cultivate the lighter side of life.

In this class discover how to:
Stop taking things on for and from others
Change the energy of the blues when they come on
Recognize your choice in your own emotional space
Change behavior, cognitive and energetic patterns that have you ‘grooved’ into the blues and away from happiness
Recharge your batteries for more energy, interest, hope and satisfaction in your day to day life

LIVE Zoominars with webcam or telephone call in options

June 7th, 14th, 21th, 28th at Noon PST

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$300 USD
All video and audio recordings will be yours to keep after the event

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