The Other Side Of Bipolar

Silver Winner Nautalis Book Awards
Finalist Best Book Awards
Nominee Independent Publisher Award
Amazon International Best-Seller #1 in 9 Countries


Meet Lauren Polly. At age 14 she was diagnosed as bipolar after a suicide attempt. For the next two decades, she rode the storm of “mental illness,” filled with highs and lows and numbed-out states.

The Other Side of Bipolar movingly portrays this young woman’s journey from her teen years through her early adult years, constantly thinking she is a flawed human being. With beautiful poetic writing, she describes how she went to school, took dance lessons, got into college, fell in and then out of love, and pursued a Master’s degree, all the while hearing voices and being demonized with visions. From therapist to therapist, she struggled with living in the real world, taking as many as 15 pills a day.

It wasn’t until her 30’s when she discovered a new perspective on her diagnosis that she was able to change her own life. She stopped trying to be normal and fit in. She started to discover more of her innate gifts that had been misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

Like Girl, Interrupted, Lauren Polly’s The Other Side of Bipolar invites us to look at our definitions of mental illness and consider another possibility: what if instead of a wrongness, these symptoms point to capacities that are not yet fully understood? What if being ‘mentally ill’ is a sign that you have intelligences that others do not understand?

The Other Side of Bipolar is for anyone who has been diagnosed, labeled or felt different and wrong in this world. Lauren’s story will captivate readers and show them a path to finding peace and joy with being different. And ultimately how to utilize that difference to shift from surviving in this world to thriving at creating it.