How to Deal with a Bully

How to Deal with a Bully: Special 3-part Online Event

How do you react when you are bullied?

Do you shut down? Become easily controlled? Go into judgment of yourself? Get aggressive and fight back? Become small in an attempt to hide from the perpetrator?

How do you speak to your children about bullies?  Are you able to assist them in standing up for themselves and into healthier social interactions or do you struggle with how to empower your children and those you interact with?

Bullying can show up lots of ways – physical violence, exclusion, ‘mean girl’ behaviors, teasing, control/power over, slippery remarks…

The long-term effects of bullying can last well into adulthood and are more insidious then you may think.

They begin to filter our interactions with others, they create barriers to us seeing and being ourselves and they block out intimacy as you are always on the lookout for the next slight, insult or hidden agenda to come your way.

What if you could not only release the energetic, cognitive and behavioral patterns that were created from the bullying you endured in the past but could also learn ways to handle the energy whenever it comes up now and into the future?

What if you could learn simple tools to use in the face of bullying for yourselves as well as your children and learn how to lead a conversation that empowers our youth into kindness and healthy interactions?

Unfortunately, bullies don’t just exist on the playground.  They show up throughout our lives at all ages and stages in all different ways.  Dealing with them efficiently is an art form that can serve you and your children for the rest of your life.

Is it time to stop being at the effect of others and the meanness they choose?

Join author of the International best-seller, The Other Side of Bipolar, Lauren Polly for a special 3-part online workshop on How to Deal with Bullies. She’ll share discoveries on how to let go of the past, clear space in the present and equip yourself and those around you for the future interactions and relationships you desire – free from the effect of bullying.

March 16th, 23rd & 30th at 3:00 PST, your time in the world HERE

Zoom webinar with webcam and call in options
Video and audio replay will be sent out after the call for future listening and further clearing


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