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Shifting the Servant Mentality of the Lightworker

Shifting the Servant Mentality of the Light-worker / Healer How being OF SERVICE not IN SERVICE allows you to stay re-charged, present and at full gifting power Calling all light-workers!  Teachers, healers, therapists, mothers, fathers, friends – basically anyone who cares about or for other people. All those folks who provide hand-holding, lend a shoulder […]

3 Tools to use When You are About to Give Up

I heard a story today.  It was about an open water swimmer, Florence Chadwick, who attempted to swim from the Catalina Islands to the coast of Southern California, a 15-mile distance, in the 1950’s. A thick fog descended mid-swim and obscured her view of the shore she was swimming towards.  Unable to see her destination […]

Engage with Others: Communication as Co-Creation

What if, at the heart of the matter, communication was about so much more then talking? What if there were a way where you could use your unique abilities, presence and awareness to your advantage in all your interactions? “I hadn’t realized that I was bored in communications because I wasn’t allowing myself to show […]

Engage Your Body: Orgasmic Revolution

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Engage with the World: Mental Health Empowerment

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Molecular Exercise: Breaking Free from Formulas   Break free from inauthentic formulas of creation and claim the spotlight as YOU!  Molecular exercises go deeper then meditation.  They work in the quantum field, directly with your molecular structure.  Shake up old cognitive patterns, release stuck energies, relax away the past and wake up to more space to be and create as YOU!
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