Two things I know for sure:

There is always more available.

Creating real change is far easier than you believe is possible.

Welcome to the place where this can be your reality.

If you’ve ever thought things like:

I’d like my life to be better but how do I do that?

I sense that there’s more to life, but how do I create it?

How do I create true lasting change?

You’re not alone. 

Most people focus on mindset or willpower to create change, wasting precious time and energy trying to push their way through.

Or they have gotten to the point of, “maybe this as good as it gets” and settle into maintaining the status quo.  

Welcome to a different possibility; where the path to having a better life is easier than you think.  Together, we’re going to create that with two key ingredients:

Mental wellness resources

Tools for Life Creation

You’re invited to choose the option that’s the best fit for you:

Lighten Up

Resource Community

  • Lighten Up 8-part video training
  • Quick links to The Lighten Up Podcast and Published Articles
  • Exclusive / expanded content from The Lighten Up Podcast
  • Easy access to life changing tools
  • Themes covered: Mental wellness, Self-care, Life Creation


Interactive Community

$ 27 per month
  • All features from the Lighten Up Community PLUS:
  • 12-part video training How to Create Clarity, Courage and Momentum in Your Life
  • Monthly LIVE call with Lauren (Q&A included!)
  • Weekly home play focusing on the 3 M’s: Mindset, Movement & Momentum
  • Open Forum for on-going conversations, support and exploration in real time
  • Inner exploration challenges that help you integrate new skills and access your true path
  • Action challenges that create innovation and momentum in what you’re creating
  • Polls and votes on monthly themes so I bring content that’s relevant to you
  • Themes covered: Mental wellness, self-care, life creation, leadership, creation, discovering your unique gifts and how to use them, mind / body integration, monthly life topics (you get to vote on what’s covered!)

Welcome to a community that:

  • Accepts and honors you
  • Gives you the freedom to digest life-changing content on your own time and in your own way
  • Continually opens your eyes to more and more possibilities
  • Conveniently hosts all cutting-edge content - video, audio and written - in one place
  • Encourages you to be you with no expectations of what that looks like
  • Connects you to others
  • Helps you see that you’re not alone, regardless of what you’re experiencing and creating

Even better, you get to choose the community that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

Lighten Up

Resource Community is where you:

  • Have access to leading-edge resources on mental wellness & life creation in one convenient place
  • Enjoy a safe space to let your guard down and receive insight through self-guided content
  • Are exposed to leading-edge weekly content designed to help you create your best life.


Interactive Community is where you:

$ 27 per month
  • Are supported in implementing & integrating leading edge tools into your life (the being & doing of change)
  • Get to ask questions, create community, be supported, guided and inspired as you lead your life forward
  • Enjoy exclusive weekly content, home play designed to build momentum in your life, live Q & A with Lauren, connect to others who share your desire for more in a meaningful way

A personal note from your guide, Lauren Polly:

As I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and talk to people of all ages and backgrounds about what they believe is possible, one thing is certain: When we empower ONE person, many, many lives are changed.

When I published my book, The Other Side of Bipolar, I saw how some people perceived my work as an invitation to a greater possibility and how others got angry and afraid – as if it was irresponsible to talk about wellness in light of such stigmatized diagnoses.

Had it not been for my own moment-to-moment use of the tools that I’m sharing in these communities, I don’t know that I would have continued on to teach tens of thousands of people to create their life in this powerful way.  The judgment may have shut me down…

This experience has taught me how mental wellness is at the core root of all of our life creation. 

This doesn’t mean having a diagnosis, or other challenges. It DOES point to the fact that everyone has situations, beliefs and patterns that emerge over time that either propels us forward or demands that we pivot and create a change. Our success in life is dependent on how we act at those choice points.  

Being the one always blazing the trail can get lonely – isolating, even. Being in community with others who are seeking greater and more ease is something that will not only change your life, but it’s how we change the collective. 

It’s how we bring about the possibilities that light us up and give us a peaceful, fulfillment in our life path.  And allows us to stand confidently in what we know is true for us, not matter what.  

Are you ready to join me on this journey?

Lighten Up

Resource Community

  • Get Easy Access to Life Changing Tools


Interactive Community

$ 27 per month
  • Get Support Creating the Life You Desire