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Keynotes, workshops & consulting to reduce burn-out & lack of engagement in your employees

“I was impressed at Lauren’s vast knowledge base, real-life examples and the simple tools she shared.  I was particularly impressed that she invited group participation and fielded questions so that everyone got help on the issues that were directly impacting them.  We all left with a lot of practical tips to help lead our team into healthier dynamics.”
~ Joe, Cardiac Rehab Manager, Los Angeles

What role does self-care and mental wellness play in your organization?

Signs of poor self-care and mental wellness in your employees may be hard to see at first.

Subtle issues like low engagement, poor job satisfaction, pulling away from social contact or a lack of innovation impacts all employees at certain times in their careers.

When we don’t identify these issues early and treat their root cause they can fester into burnout with poor employee retention, hot tempers that hurt team dynamics for years to come or an overall breakdown of the health of your organization.

By introducing easy-to-use self-care tools and self-discovery exercises we care for the one and that in turn cares for the many.

It’s this that allow the ecosystem of your organization flourish.

With this inside-out approach, the growth that individuals experience are sustainable and initiate immediate and lasting results. From communication to systems to management to profitability your organization can change while empowering everyone to contribute to the greater whole.

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Keynotes & Workshops Topics:

Self-care for the Caregiver: Taking Care of YOU While You Take Care of Others

People in helping professions are more likely to experience emotional stress on a day to day basis.  If they don’t have the proper tools to deal with that stress, they are likely to burnout.

Whether you are in a role where you directly care for others or if you are a leader charged with taking care of a team – you may be experiencing people-related stress, overwhelm, disengagement or other symptoms of compassion fatigue.

The content of this seminar focuses on teaching malleable, practical tools for self-care in the work environment so that your care-based job is one that is sustainable and fulfilling.

Learning Objectives

  • Be empowered to include your needs in your workday
  • Learn simple ways to triage action steps to avoid overwhelm
  • Apply practical tools in dealing with difficult people
  • Identify personal patterns that lead to stress and how to change it
  • Simple yoga and meditation techniques you can do on the job for quick relief

Breaking the Stress Cycle: SOS for Burn-out & Low Engagement

Everyone is stressed these days.  Our personal stress bleeds into our professional life (and vice versa!) leading to poor team interactions, productivity vacuums and a lack of engagement / ingenuity. 

We are taught to apply surface level stress-management tools to assist but those tools are like band-aids that fall off all too quick.  There is a lack of clarity of what stress is, what the stress cycle looks like – and where you are in it! – and most importantly how to break free of it once and for all.  

This content focuses on teaching malleable, practical tools for self-care in the work environment.  

Learning Objectives
Identify the 5-stages of the stress cycle
Learn the physiological effects that stress has on health
Self-exploration exercises to identify what stage of the cycle attendees are in
Practical tools that can be used in the moment to break the cycle
Inspiration to start fresh with chronic stressful situations. 
Framework of the stress cycle that can be used as a guide in future conversations / self-awareness

Common Challenges:

  • Staff burnout
  • Poor team relations
  • High Department Turnover
  • Stressful Environment & Dynamics
  • Low Engagement
  • Employees with mental / emotional issues impacting their work success
  • Low personal job fulfillment

Available Formats


  • Keynote (30-60 minutes)
  • 2-4 hour or full-day workshop and training (self reflection, yoga / breath work exercises, and group discussion)
  • Multi-day retreats for teams

Executive and team coaching / consulting:

  • Customizable on length of time and structure.  Can include: round tables with management, team building, different keynotes for different staff groups, 1:1 coaching, system analysis, development of self-care tool system to use in the future,

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Mulit-Award-Winning Book

Lauren’s book, The Other Side of Bipolar: Revealing Your Strengths to Move Beyond the Diagnosis, chronicles her transformative path and invites you to walk along side of her to transform yourself.

It is a unique offering of hope, self-acceptance and permission to explore the deepest, most un-talked about sides of ourselves.

The Other Side of Bipolar has been awarded the Silver Nautilus Book Award 2016, was a Finalist in the Best Book Awards 2016 and was an amazon #1 best-seller in 9 countries, including the U.S.

More About Lauren

Empower the one, Empower the many

About Lauren Polly

Lauren Polly, MEd., CFMW, RYT, is a true seeker. Her contagious laugh and zeal for life influences everyone who crosses her path.

Multi-award-winning author of the international best-seller, The Other Side of Bipolar, beloved podcaster, captivating public speaker and supportive mentor, Lauren is a well-known expert on self-care and personal empowerment.

She has shown thousands of people around the world how to develop and trust their awareness as the primary way to care for themselves while creating a life they love.

Lauren is a CFMW with Access Consciousness®, an ASHA Certified Medical Speech-Language Pathologist, and a registered Yoga Instructor.

Why I do what I do; A personal note…
I have spent a life long journey learning to care for myself.  Growing up overly sensitive to my environment, and the people in it, finding my feet in stressful circumstances was difficult.

I found myself in a chronic stress cycle in my adolescence and spent many rocky years looking for ways to ease my busy mind, balance my moods, form healthy relationships and develop a self-confidence that could carry me through. ​

I have spent years of study in the western medical system and alternative systems; yoga, meditation, energy transformation and life skills training to compile a unique viewpoint of and way out of the chronic stress cycle most of us are living in.

I have put these transformational tools to use over the course of my 13-plus year career as a medical speech pathologist, for my international business growth, to launch my first book to best-seller / multi-award-winner and, most joyfully, to cultivate a sense of peace and strength in myself along the way.

I have taught these tools to tens of thousands of people around the world who report the same effects I enjoy – simultaneous success in outward life achievements and self-care / actualization.

I have a passion for speaking to others in helping professions on how caregivers can care for themselves while doing what they love, adolescents and college student who are struggling with mental wellness and to leaders / creatives pushing their growing edge to go for the “impossibles” in their lives while enjoying more ease.

My mother always says, “Life is too short to stand in line and stare at the back of someone’s head.”

Life indeed is too short to not care for yourself, shy away from your dreams or just settle for what is. I truly believe we are all unique – we have singular viewpoints of the world, special gifts to offer and new paths to forge.

Consciousness development and life mastery are the final frontiers for trailblazers like you – what have you yet to explore? I would be delighted to assist you in that quest!