• How much bigger would you like your world to be?

How much bigger would you like your world to be?
Creation of a life that works for you

Most of us are living a smaller life then we are capable of creating.

The symptoms of small living show up in a variety of ways: lack of money, relationships that don’t work, body issues, constant stress and tension, feeling unfulfilled, stagnant progress…

These can be halting and debility or simply an invisible tether that adds extra drag and slows your forward momentum.

What creates this small living?
Decisions you make of what you should or need to be for others that outweigh what you would like to be for yourself.
Judgments that densify your space and weigh you down.
Blinders that keep you from seeing yourself in all your creative brilliance and uniqueness.
The stops and starts that keep you from using what you’ve got to create consistently, freely and in a really fun, powerful way.

Take a second to ponder:
What bigger world would you like to create for yourself?

One where there are no limits?  You have enough money? Your relationships are fun and play-based?  Your body is healthy and vibrant?  Your day is filled with activities you love and people you enjoy?

What bigger world would you like to be a part of?

One without judgment?  Based on kindness?  More connected, allowing, peaceful and filled with possibilities?  Where everyone was uniquely them and valued for it?

Creating money, health, relationships, expansive living and sustainable elements to your life comes from the willingness to create a future that is congruent with the big expansive being you actually are.

Bonus – more of us choosing this will have a ripple effect in the world and what could be different then?!

Start the exploration process with these questions:
What works for you?
What’s unique to your desired quality of living?
What possibility would you like to be and offer this world?

From there:

Acknowledge you have a bigger ask – the world you desire may be bigger then what other are choosing and what you have chosen in the past.  What’s the future you truly desire but have not dared to ask for before?  What have you dreamed about but thought was out of reach?  What do you know is possible that others don’t?

What if you could create and have all of that with ease?

Acknowledge you have more ways to create what you desire then you may think – we all have crazy capacities that we can draw on at any given time.  Unfortunately, those capacities go untapped, unexplored, unclaimed and underutilized a lot of the time.

If you were willing to explore, cultivate and use your capacities what life, living and future could you create?

How much bigger would your worlds become then?!

I’m kicking off a 14 Day exploration Creating with Your Crazy Capacities July 1st (this Saturday) where we will unlock all of this and more!

Check out the class page for more information on all the creative possibilities HERE

Here’s to ease, joy and a bigger world for all of us!

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