This is an opportunity for you to have a private one-on-one discovery session with Lauren.

During our session:

  • You’ll get clarity on where you are now, where you’d like to be and what you’d like to create in your life
  • You’ll know what is keeping you stuck and what’s possible for your life when you get un-stuck
  • You’ll get a sense of what you’ve been doing that isn’t working and what choices you can make now to change this

This type of session is for you if…

  • You’re ready to up-level everything in your life
  • You’re done with the excuses and are ready to choose more
  • You have an “investing in myself” mindset – when you see you need support, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to create that for yourself
  • You know the value in this offer and you are fully committed to show up for the Discovery session

Discovery Sessions are valued at $500

Claim yours today for only $100!

Once you purchase your session, you’ll receive an email with a questionnaire.

Please fill this out before our session so I can get to know you better!

See you soon!

Who is Lauren?

Lauren Polly, MEd., CFMW, RYT, is a true seeker. Her contagious laugh and zeal for life influences everyone who crosses her path.

Multi-award-winning author of the international best-seller, The Other Side of Bipolar, beloved podcaster, captivating public speaker and supportive mentor, Lauren is a well-known expert on self-care and personal empowerment.

She has shown thousands of people around the world how to develop and trust their awareness as the primary way to care for themselves while creating a life they love.

Lauren is a CFMW with Access Consciousness®, an ASHA Certified Medical Speech-Language Pathologist, and a registered Yoga Instructor.

Why I do what I do; A personal note…
I have spent a life long journey learning to care for myself.  Growing up overly sensitive to my environment, and the people in it, finding my feet in stressful circumstances was difficult.

I found myself in a chronic stress cycle in my adolescence and spent many rocky years looking for ways to ease my busy mind, balance my moods, form healthy relationships and develop a self-confidence that could carry me through. ​

I have spent years of study in the western medical system and alternative systems; yoga, meditation, energy transformation and life skills training to compile a unique viewpoint of and way out of the chronic stress cycle most of us are living in.

I have put these transformational tools to use over the course of my 13-plus year career as a medical speech pathologist, for my international business growth, to launch my first book to best-seller / multi-award-winner and, most joyfully, to cultivate a sense of peace and strength in myself along the way.

I have taught these tools to tens of thousands of people around the world who report the same effects I enjoy – simultaneous success in outward life achievements and self-care / actualization.

I have a passion for speaking to others in helping professions on how caregivers can care for themselves while doing what they love, adolescents and college student who are struggling with mental wellness and to leaders / creatives pushing their growing edge to go for the “impossibles” in their lives while enjoying more ease.

My mother always says, “Life is too short to stand in line and stare at the back of someone’s head.”

Life indeed is too short to not care for yourself, shy away from your dreams or just settle for what is. I truly believe we are all unique – we have singular viewpoints of the world, special gifts to offer and new paths to forge.

Consciousness development and life mastery are the final frontiers for trailblazers like you – what have you yet to explore? I would be delighted to assist you in that quest!