“You know you have made serious progress when you encounter someone’s rough emotions,

and instead of letting their volatility consume you, you mentally affirm within yourself,

“I will not join them in their turbulence.”

~ Yung Pueblo

The Emotional Clarity Workshop

Part One of the Mental Wealth Workshop Series

Navigating Emotional Seas

Imagine being a tiny ship tossed about on the vast ocean, where the waves dictate your direction, leaving you feeling out of control and overwhelmed. This analogy captures the essence of what many of us feel in our daily lives – a sense of being overpowered by the emotional currents of the world, leading to confusion and a lack of control over our own emotions and paths.  Are you seeing yourself in the storm?

Seeing Yourself in the Storm

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your sensitivity, swayed by the emotions and needs of others, or struggled with connecting to your own feelings and body, you’re not alone. The challenges of emotional intensity, feeling numb or disconnected, and being easily influenced by others’ opinions can make it difficult to see ourselves clearly and make conscious choices for our future.

Who This Workshop Is For: Navigators of Emotional Waves

This workshop is designed for individuals who identify as highly sensitive, empaths, or anyone who feels affected by the emotional turmoil of the world. If you’ve encountered difficulties in dealing with your emotions, felt disconnected from your body, or struggled with the influence of others, the Emotional Clarity workshop is your beacon of hope.

In this workshop, you’ll learn…


✔  Reconnect With Your Emotional Self: Learn to embrace your emotions without being overwhelmed.

✔  Reconnect With Your Emotional Self: Learn to embrace your emotions without being overwhelmed.

✔  Body-Mind Connection: Use your physical presence to calm your mind and find peace.

✔  Peace With the Past: Move forward easily by finding tranquility with your previous experiences.

Logistics: Setting Sail Together

✔  Date and Time: April 3rd, 3:00-4:30 pm PST

✔  Investment: $35

✔  What to Bring: A journal, a writing instrument, and an open space for movement and stretching.

✔  Includes Engaging content, holistic tools, and a Q&A session to navigate your emotional clarity journey.

Meet Your Guide

Lauren Polly’s Mental Wealth Movement offers a lifeline to those tossed by life’s emotional waves. With her personal journey through emotional diversity and professional expertise, Lauren creates a transformative experience. Her integration of communication therapy, yoga, meditation, and energy work, alongside insights from her award-winning book, The Other Side of Bipolar, provides a unique pathway for reclaiming your gifts and living a passion-filled life. Under Lauren’s guidance, discover a new way of being and embrace the beauty of your true self.

Join us in this empowering workshop to reclaim the helm of your emotional ship and steer toward a future of clarity and peace. Register now to begin your journey towards emotional clarity and empowerment.

As you share your navigating life adventure, you do so in a way with a willingness to share your story in a very vulnerable and empowering way – this inspires me to find my truth and allow my own voice to be heard.” ~Nancy