Mental Health Empowerment


Mental Health Empowerment: Reclaim Your Hope


“True mental health is a product of self-awareness and real time tools that allow you to engage with the world without losing yourself in the process. You move from trying to survive in this world to thriving at creating it.” —Lauren Polly

Have your unique capacities and way of seeing the world been mistaken for mental illness?

Has your sensitivities to others and the world made you lost in your life?

Have you given up hope of being successful, productive and valuable to this world?

Lauren Polly knows where you are coming from.  She has journeyed through the storm of mental illness.  With 16 years of medication, 11 years of weekly psychotherapy, a diagnosis of bipolar and a suicide attempt behind her she now employs dynamic self-awareness tools and techniques to ride the storm of this reality, not get swept away by it.

Unfortunately, the current mental health paradigm has nothing to do with health. It is about figuring out what is wrong and trying to make it right. The use of labels as a guide post to see and treat an individual is devastating. We lose the uniqueness and difference we inherently are as we are trained to fit into this world’s view point of what it means to be sane. It disempowers the individual and has them constantly looking to others for what to choose and be. This can kill a person’s sense of power and creative potential.

Mental Health Empowerment works by shifting that paradigm into one of self-accountability. Every day we have choices—we can choose to take actions that generate our lives or we can choose degenerative behaviors. This choice point is ever present and medication doesn’t assist with it. This is only gained through self-awareness and employment of in the moment tools to create more clarity of what our choices create.

Lauren has a revolutionary view on mental illness which allows herself, and people like her, to be empowered in their unique awareness of the world.  She now leverages her trials and triumphs to help others see their way through and to know that there is hope.

Lauren Polly’s  Mental Health Empowerment  products, 1:1 sessions and workshops create:
Teaching of real time practical tools to assist daily upsets
Building self-awareness to find yourself in the noise of the world
Target setting for moving away from destructive behaviors
Unlocking and re-directing energy towards creative capacities and pursuits
Tools to build your awareness and trust YOU above all else
Spirit communication coaching—this capacity can manifests itself as mental disorders for those that do not have the tools or knowledge to deal with it

“Lauren’s book “The Other Side of Bipolar” about moving beyond mental illness is slated to be published Fall 2016.

“Lauren has been instrumental in my healing from my anxiety disorder. Her practical tools, different perspectives and use of her personal experience couple into the most comprehensive ‘therapy’ I’ve ever had.” —Mona, Beirut

“Lauren’s mental health programs work. They just work. I finally feel like I have me.” —Brian, Vancouver

“I admire Lauren’s vulnerability when she facilitates. Her openness with her personal turmoil’s and her drive to move beyond them are such an inspiration. It made me see that it is a choice I have as well.” —Debbie, Illinois

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