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Are you ready to discover the possibility of a happy you?

Welcome! I’m so pleased you have found your way here and are ready to explore more possibilities. You are not alone. There is hope for moving past any limitations you currently have. I’m here to assist!

Where do we begin? The first step is to connect with me!

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What next steps are available?

Diving deeper into connection, coaching and mentoring with me is easy. Below are some options to choose from based on your current needs and desires.

Complimentary Discover Session

Are you curious if 1:1 Life Coaching is for you or what it could assist with? Please take this special opportunity to connect with me one on one. We’ll explore what you would most like to change in your life and see if you and I are a fit to create that in a coaching program. You’ll leave with a few tools to put to use right away and perhaps be sparked to dive into a deeper program! Go HERE to apply

Quiet Mind Program

What if your busy mind, mood swings, anxiety & upset was just your awareness of others? What if there was a way to tune the dial on all of that noise to hear YOU above all else? What peace of mind would be possible then? Enjoy this complimentary viewing of the first 3 videos in this highly effective and adored series. Go HERE to sign up

1:1 Sessions, single sessions and monthly packages

The fastest route to shift from surviving to thriving.
In these 1:1 sessions you will: clear limitations, explore new perspectives, learn universal practical tools for moment to moment ease and change, discover how to apply the tools to every area of your life, develop clear targets for your next move, gain measurable action steps to implement daily. Click HERE to read more.

VIP Healing Day

A dynamic experience to kick start your change and heal deeply. During this 1:1 day with Lauren you will be: nurtured as you unravel past abuses, traumas, dis-ease and upsets, supported as you clear energetic, cognitive and behavioral blockages, empowered to leave your limitations behind, guided to continue to create change from this day forward and pampered with relaxing and rejuvenating energetic body work for the body/mind. Click HERE to read more.

Group Monthly Intensive

Turn up the volume to a bold and dynamic way of being in the world! In this focused small group format, we will: open the lines of communication with your true self and your body, clear limiting viewpoints (those that keep you tip toeing in your life not rocking it), unravel ways of acting, thinking and doing that are not authentic to you, discover what you would truly like to express in the world and how to do it, build a teamwork between you and your body, gain congruency between mind, body and spirit and set targets for changing any area of your life. Click HERE to read more.


Online and in-person workshops on varied specialty topics. Click HERE see upcoming events

Lauren Polly draws from her many modalities to assist you on the path of self-discovery. She works with a myriad of tools and techniques to customize each session and class. Click HERE to read more.

“Lauren’s energy is so light and fun!” —Oki, Japan

“Lauren’s awareness is razor sharp and lightning fast. Wow!” —Shennan, Melbourne

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Molecular Exercise: Breaking Free from Formulas   Break free from inauthentic formulas of creation and claim the spotlight as YOU!  Molecular exercises go deeper then meditation.  They work in the quantum field, directly with your molecular structure.  Shake up old cognitive patterns, release stuck energies, relax away the past and wake up to more space to be and create as YOU!
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