• Getting Back Your Mojo

I had one of those weeks…

You know the kind I’m talking about.  Where you feel deflated, confused and like you can’t tell where to put your feet next.  No matter the possibilities that showed up for me it was followed by this immediate angst of: not enough money, not enough time, not enough fun, not enough, not enough, not enough…

Where did I go with all of this yuck?  To my tool kit!

After asking myself what I was aware of and sitting with that question for a while (not looking for an answer, just being with what came up) I came to the awareness that I haven’t been choosing for happy.

Happiness is one of the primary platforms that my life is created on.  When I’m happy things just work.  I have more energy, zest for adventures and a myriad of resources are available to me.

What is a platform?  It is a key energy from which you create your life.  It is the spring board you use to catapult yourself into more possibilities.  It is what sustains your life so that the fits and starts, roadblocks and angst don’t impact you.

A platform is not a thing or place or a person.  It is an energy.  A quality of being that is so true to you that you may not even notice it.  Which I get is one of the ways I ‘lost it’ briefly this week.

When I had this awareness, as I was sitting on the beach staring gravely out to see (drama anyone?), light bulbs went off in my brain, the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders and a giggle from deep inside my belly traveled up my spine and broke through my lips.


Next step?  I asked “If I was choosing for happy what would I chose?”

Awareness came hard and swift: more fun, more play, more flirting, more money, more lightness…

That day I was invited on and enjoyed a fun date, 2 new clients appeared, I found a place to hold body work sessions within steps from my new apartment and a lightness of possibilities began to sparkle around me.

Ask and you shall receive…  And when you ask with your platform as a primary way to choose and create – MAGIC!

So…  What is your platform?  The energy and way of being that is innate, easy and truly you?  The thing that lights up even your darkest day?  Happiness, joy, play, spontaneity, unpredictability, peace, fun, ease…  And if you were choosing for, with and through that quality what would your life be?  What’s next to ask for and receive?

Have fun playing with this!  Let me know how it goes…

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