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Dynamic Engagement: Small Group Monthly Intensive $750

Email Lauren at Lauren@laurenpolly.com to join the next group! Investment $750

Are you ready to engage all of you? On full volume? To max potential? In all your uniqueness?

Join Lauren to turn up the volume to a bold and dynamic way of being in the world!

 Open the lines of communication with your true self and your body
• Clear limiting viewpoints – those that keep you tip toeing in your life not rocking it
• Unravel ways of acting, thinking and doing that are not authentic to you
• Discover what you would truly like to express in the world and how to do it
• Build a teamwork between you and your body
• Gain congruency between mind, body and spirit
• Set targets for change in any area you would like

This focused small group format, led by Lauren, is dynamic, fun and interactive. You will be fully supported, guided and empowered to pushing the limits of engagement in all areas of your life. Lauren’s kind ass-kicking coaching lends accountability to your actions coupled with allowance for your choice.

The Format:
LIVE virtual classroom with Lauren 2 hours once a week
Recordings of the class
Subliminal night time clearing loop
Guided mediation/energetic exercises once a week
Private Facebook group
Weekly group home ‘play’
Individual action steps to implement weekly

Week 1: Engaging with yourself

Do you know what you would like your life to be? Are you clear on what that is or is it fuzzy and intangible? Are you able to create it or are their road blocks in the way?

Most of us have an unhealthy dialogue with ourselves. We are filled with negative self-talk, doubt and dislike of ourselves that keeps us from seeing the true beauty we are. “I can’t.” “It won’t work out.” “I don’t deserve it.” All of these are ways in which our negative self-communication hinders our creation.This week is all about letting go of the limited viewpoints you have of yourself, unraveling the disbelief that you can change and tapping into the potential that you have for creating a life you love on your own terms.

Week 2: Engaging with your body

Are you and your body on good speaking terms? Or do you have a nasty dialogue or radio silence? Do you even know that a communication with your body is possible?

This week we will be taking the tools that we used to engage with ourselves more dynamically and apply them to our body. We will clear the stuck viewpoints we have of our body and start to open the lines of communication with it through gentle listening and attention. We will give up the war with our bodies and develop a partnership with it.

Week 3: Engaging with the world

Do you ever feel like you get lost in the world? Or in other people’s worlds? Do you have the ability to hold your own and engage with others without getting swept away?

This week is all about developing the strength and stamina in your awareness to hold steady in times of stress, busyness or in the face of intense energy from others. We will build on your engagement with yourself and your body to know you—so you don’t give yourself up for others again.

Week 4: Engaging to create!

What if there was a way of engaging with yourself, your body and the world in order to create more possibilities? What if every interaction was a dynamic contribution to what you would like to create in the world?

This final week we will look at how we can use the tool of engagement to amplify the change, connection to and enjoyment of ourselves, our bodies and the world. We will nurture the seeds that have been planted in the first 3 weeks and watch them bloom into momentary possibilities.

“Wow! Lauren is one of the most phenomenal facilitators I have ever worked with. Her awareness is right on and she truly asks questions and facilitates from no point of view. This allows you so much space to see what is true for you. The speed and intensity with which she facilitates is such a gift—it doesn’t give your mind time to get in the way, so that you release things in a completely new way. I feel more ‘me’ and able to show up in the world without force or effort. Just more an ease of being, rather than the hectic state of doing. Thank you Lauren!!” —Emily, Michigan

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