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“Having a happy body leads directly into having a happy you. The connection between our being and our body is one that is overlooked and underappreciated. True joyful, relaxed and expansive living is only possible when you and your body are included in equal measure.” —Lauren Polly

When you look in the mirror are you kind to your reflection? Or are you overwhelmed with judgements that make you self-conscious? 

Do you take time to listen and respond to your body’s needs? Or is your communication marred by lost signals, opposing desires or radio silence? 

Are you and your body teaming together to create the life of your dreams? Or are you at war with each other?

The Limitations of a Stressed Body and Stressed You:
Most of us haven’t been educated on how to engage with our bodies in a positive and conscious way.  We are taught to judge how our bodies look and feel by comparing ourselves to society’s definition of beauty and health. We are not taught the language of our bodies and therefore a lack of or miscommunication can ensue.  We ignore our body’s cues of distress and squelch its spoken desires.  We carry tremendous amounts of stress, abuse, judgement and limited viewpoints in our bodies.  Our emotions, thoughts and feelings can become physical ailments or blockages.  These stagnant places prevent a free flow of energy in our bodies and therefore in our lives. Pain and chronic body issues can be born this way.

We live on hyper drive—pushing ourselves to be and do more for everyone else. We pull back our reach for the life we would truly like to have.  We don’t allow ourselves to create the relationships that would be fun and generative, we limit how much money we receive, we overwork and underplay. We squeeze ourselves into comfort zones that hinder our progress and growing potential. Life is not an orgasmic explosion of possibilities—it is mundane and drab.

Are you and your body ready for another possibility?

The Possibilities of a Happy Body and Happy You:
When you stop judging your body and start to engage with it in conscious and positive ways more ease is created. You stop ignoring your body’s needs and desires. You allow it to be a part of your life, your relationships and creations. You acknowledge and find joy in the gift that your body is. This opens up the possibility of living in a pleasurable, relaxed, confident state.

A Happy Body leads to a Happy You. When your body feels good, your relationship to it is healthy and you are comfortable in your own skin life becomes magical and fun. A vibrant state of health is created from the inside out. Inner confidence and true body love ignite the creative spark of life, increase your healing potential and become the basis for the joy of embodiment. Imagine what you could invite into your life from that space?

They target:
Joyful living
Connection to your body
Dynamic sexual play
Creative potency
Fun in relationships
Living from a relaxed state
Access to our bodies self-healing abilities

Join CFMW Lauren Polly for an exploration of a different perspective on orgasm, sex and embodiment. One based on pleasure, joy, fun and possibilities.

“Lauren truly lives an orgasmic lifestyle. It’s attractive, contagious, authentic, vulnerable, wholesome, and sexy! She’s opened up my awareness to see, that orgasmic energy is not just the act of copulation. It’s a becoming, a conscious effort within. Thank you Lauren, you radiate!” —Roshni, Los Angeles

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