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Maria Shriver

3 Ways to Explore Your Difference as a Gift, Not a Disability

I can still see that old paisley couch at my first shrink’s office. The old cushions would swallow my thin 14-year old frame, the same way the doctors probing swallowed my thin self-esteem. Inward we would both implode as the message became more and more clear: I was different. And somehow that difference was not okay.
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What 15 Entrepreneurs Learned from Their First Summer Jobs: Never Take No for an Answer

I was 11 when I took my first steps as an entrepreneur. I loved children and was eager to start my own babysitting business but my young age was preventing me from getting jobs.  I saw a sign advertising child care classes for babysitters at the local recreation center and knew this was my ticket in.
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Mind Body Green

I Have Bipolar Disorder, Here’s How I Stopped Letting it Define Me

That’s the thing with diagnoses; they become a living, breathing entity unto themselves — so much so that each relationship is a strange threesome between the two people and the diagnosis itself.  Read More Here:http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-26251/i-have-bipolar-disorder-heres-how-i-stopped-letting-it-define-me.html

I’m Bipolar. Here’s How I Took Back Control Of My Life

The most destructive thing about pressurized living is that you’re always at the boiling point. You walk around already simmering in a hot liquid that requires only one thing to go wrong. When it does, the heat gets turned up ever so slightly, and you’re cooked.  Read More Here:


Chic Galleria

Business is a Journey, Not a Destination

I did it. I had completed my Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, been hired at one of the top hospitals in the country, had become proficient in treating the most complex cases, and thrived in all specialty areas in my field. 7 years of focused schooling, endless study hours, the best internships and ‘starter jobs’ I could find to climb my way up and here I was. I had completed the highest career goal I had set for myself. At age 27.
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3 Tips for Becoming a Social Butterfly

Let’s be real, socializing can be awkward. Meeting new people, working your way around an event, dating, inter-office mingling – you name the situation it can be weird and uncomfortable. We are expected to be able to connect with anyone despite his or her background, perspective or willingness to engage. This can be difficult as we are never really taught how to socialize; besides the basic niceties of being polite and don’t talk with your mouth full.  Read More Here: 


WE Magazine

Meet Women in Business Interview

My business target is to be a catalyst for people who are looking to live bigger and better lives. Through my workshops, 1:1 coaching, books and products I offer a synergy of tools I have studied and used personally to heal my body/mind, to succeed professionally and to live each day to the fullest. For me it is all about levels of engagement, self-empowerment and practical application. If you can develop your self-awareness, recognize and cultivate your strengths and step up to engage more boldly with life there is no limit to what you can achieve.
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Best Ever You

3 Elements to Handle Yourself with Care

Quite a few years ago I was helping my parents set up their new home. My ballerina music boxes were packed with a warning label to “Handle with Care.” As I unpacked my delicate childhood relics I did what the label suggested. I took care. I moved slower, paused to admire their beauty and spent time winding each one to hear its unique music and watch it twirl. During this hour of reverence to the things of beauty that surrounded me during my early years I started to wonder, “When was the last time I handled myself this way?
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Moving Beyond Mental Illness; Learning to break free from the limiting box mental health diagnosis.

Growing up with a mental illness I know all too well the crushing effects of diagnoses. You are handed a set of behavior patterns, personality traits and future predictions based solely on your label. You define yourself as such and create your life in line with it. In the process self-exploration ceases, bigger dreams of achievement dim and your self-evolution gets narrowed down to managing your illness. I lived from this limited perspective for years.
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Thought Catalog

3 Healthy Ways to End All the Drama in Your Life

Cue the swelling music, a vivid sunset over sweeping hills, one single tear streaming down Vivien Leigh’s face as she dramatically says, “After all, tomorrow is another day.” This iconic final scene from Gone with the Wind is the ultimate example of high drama. The romance, intrigue and intensity of her journey seem to give more clout to this hopeful phrase. As if she finally deserves to return home and win back her love. As if the end result will mean more because she had to struggle to achieve it. As if tomorrow will be better only because today was so bad.
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Real Mom Media

3 Things I learned on my Journey from Crazy to Brilliant

Growing up I always knew there was something different about me. I had a creative mind that was always at work. I was perceptive to people’s moods and often changed mine to match theirs. I could sense people’s depths of emotions even when they expressed something different on the surface. These qualities served me well in my younger years.
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Giving Up Control: Stop Life’s Crazy Pressure

You can sense the pressure I was creating for myself. Spontaneous living, creative thinking, and exploration were squashed by the stagnation of control. Eventually, I became locked up inside of myself. My ultimate ‘fix it’ method became my worst enemy; creating its own kind of stress, pressure and crazy in my life.
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News Coverage


Press release on The Other Side of Bipolar which ran on local news outlets across America


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American Talk Radio

10-minute interview on The Other Side of Bipolar   


Transformative Talk Radio with Dr. Pat

Hour-long interview on The Other Side of Bipolar; turning the conversation from limitations to limitless possibilities https://www.transformationtalkradio.com/play/22613/baccili-20160825-polly.mp3


Health & Happiness Show

15-minute interview on Sensitivity & Sanity


Dare to Dream Radio with Debbi Dachinger

Hour-long conversation on breaking free from labels, how to have ease in your body and finding your feet in social interactions


MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer

Hour-long conversation on coming off of auto-pilot, reclaiming creativity, moving beyond labels and how to live a full life despite any limitation you may have.


Nancy Gains

20 minute interview on my journey through Bipolar, business creation and using your gifts to create.


Best Ever You Radio

Hour long interview on exploring your difference as a gift, tips for teens going through emotional difficulties, simple ways to move towards mental/emotional wellness.


UK Health Radio Treatment SOS with Joni Aldrich

Hour long interview on exploring the diagnostic and therapeutic process for Bipolar from a traditional and alternative health prospective.


Its Your Health with Lisa Davis, MPH

15 minute interview on invisible disabilities, moving past stigma, intuitive capabilities, how to find where you fit into the world and how to harness the strength to move beyond any label you may have.


411 Teen by WFSU NEWS hosted by Dr. Liz Holifield

Hour long interview with tips for teens and parents dealing with emotional upheaval, perspectives on mental health and wellness and sneak peaks at the best-seller The Other Side of Bipolar


Conscious Talk Radio

Hour long interview exploring alternative healing techniques for mental illness, the psychic sponge phenomenon and that gifts that lie underneath.


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