The Energetic Orgasm Experience Volume 3 Expand Create


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The Energetic Orgasm Experience: Volume 3 of 3: Expand Create plus EBook

7 Steps to Tapping Into Orgasmic Energy All The Time
Relax • Release • Connect • Sense • Enliven • Expand • Create

*This is the third of three recordings that make up the complete Energetic Experience.  This recording covers steps 6 & 7 Expand Create

Are you ready to explore your body’s full ORGASMIC potential?

Are you interested in more intense orgasms during sex?

What if I told you there was a way to not only have that but expand that joyful orgasmic energy through your entire body and being?

To access it all the time?

To BE it?

And to utilize it to create your life?

Are you ready to explore a very different perspective?


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