Quiet Your Mind

21 Day Program Begins January 10, 2021

Are you struggling to find a sense of peace in your life?

So many are, especially given the state of the world lately. Our problems, upsets and limitations often overshadow our possibilities for peace.

Your mind may chirp with judgmental self-talk. Your body may feel tight and exhausted. Your relationships strained.

Life is loud, stressful and overwhelming. Especially given the current state of the world. 

But… There is hope. You can move beyond this. Everything is changeable and anything is possible.

You just need the tools, perspective and guidance to get there.


The other good news? You are not alone. Sixteen years ago, I was where you are currently.

I spent restless nights held captive by my spinning mind. Social anxiety paralyzed me and the ups and downs of daily life seemed too much to handle.

I searched for a space where there was quiet, calmness, peace and ease. But it was hard to find, let alone maintain!

I’ve traveled a long path to find my own peace of mind. And have discovered some little-known information along the way.  (you can read about it in my multi-award-winning book, The Other Side of Bipolar). 

I now use a compilation of simple energetic-based tools to change upset into ease in any given moment.

The freedom that these simple tools brought me was unlike anything I had encountered.  I became more present. I stopped judging myself.

My mind quieted and my inner world softened. I finally came home to myself. From there bigger creations, a larger life and the chance to live fully was a natural extension.  

I’ve since walked thousands of people just like you along this same journey.


I would love to share the tools that have changed so much for me with you.

They help you:

  • Clear stuck energetic, cognitive and behavioral patterns
  • Discover tools to handle daily upsets
  • Harness your inner strength
  • Develop a strong mind/body connection
  • Find yourself amidst the noise of the world
  • Cultivate a sense of inner peace



    Testimonials from past participants:

    The Details:


    21 video lessons (one per day) hosted on special member site for repeated viewing

    3 live coaching / Q&A calls with Lauren via zoom plus recordings

    Eligible for Quiet Your Mind Retreats & Advanced Online Workshops



    Video course begins January 10th

    Live calls January 17th, 24th and 31st all at 8am PST


    One time payment of $399 USD

    This program introduces you to tools from:

    • Access Consciousness TM
    • Yoga & meditation
    • Life skills training
    • Traditional therapy
    • Practical knowledge from my own 25-plus year journey and those I’ve helped since


    Why should you invest in quieting your mind? 


    What lies beyond the mind and it’s limiting beliefs? 

    A sense of peace… 

    The chance to get out of your own way…

    Space to hear your desires above the noise of everyone else’s expectations, ideas & needs… 

    The ability to bask in limitless possibilities, utilize your true intelligence & choose what works for you…