Quiet Your Mind

21-Day Program

Begins February 5th, 2021

Are you struggling to find a sense of peace in your life?

So many are, especially given the state of the world lately. Our problems, upsets and limitations often overshadow our possibilities for peace.

Your mind may chirp with judgmental self-talk. Your body may feel tight and exhausted. Your relationships strained.

Life is loud, stressful and overwhelming. Especially given the current state of the world. 

But… There is hope. You can move beyond this. Everything is changeable and anything is possible.

You just need the tools, perspective and guidance to get there.





And remember… The World is Loud. 

But Your Mind Doesn’t Have to Be.


Currently, you look around and see so many things you wish you could change. Anxious ‘what if’ thoughts keep you up at night. Your mind problem solving, trying to plan the best it can for the worst-case scenario.
All the while your inner critic chirps loudly and on loop during the day. Your thinking gets clouded, emotions run high and those things you’d like to change start to seem impossible.
You manage to get by. Checking off the to-do’s. Making small gains in your personal and professional life. Sneaking self-care into your routine as best you can.
On the surface you don’t seem to be struggling. But underneath is a stormy mix of anxiety, self-judgment and the FOMO on a life that would make you happy ‘if only’…


The good news? You are not alone. Sixteen years ago I was where you are currently.

And I know this all too well. For years my inner world rocked while the surface seemed perfect. I had, after years of therapy and hard work, created an enviable life.
I had a master’s degree, held a job at a fast-paced hospital (my dream!) and had a growing support system of friends and family.
But that storm in my mind…
Despite my outward success I was in constant judgment of myself. Sleep was elusive as I was too busy replaying the day’s events (and scoring myself on what I did right and wrong during them!).
I found it hard to concentrate with that constant hamster-wheel in my mind. I was on high alert reading signs to see if what I was doing was good enough – editing as I went.
I worried about the future, trying to pre-plan and control every little detail. Less room for error I figured. My body felt anxious and unsettled and eventually went numb. I exhausted myself living on hyper-drive – go-go-go, win-win-win, fix-fix-fix.

I then started on a long journey to find relief. 

I did what most do at first – tried to shore up the loose ends in my life that must be the culprit.
I thought if I could do more yoga, handle my job stress better, choose healthier relationships… Then maybe my mind would settle and I could relax.
But I learned something surprising and not at the same time. The ‘problem’ wasn’t out there. It also wasn’t inside.
I discovered that the inner world we create and the outer world we inhabit are so intertwined. It’s like the chicken or the egg scenario.
It wasn’t enough to do the inner work – therapy, meditation, self-reflection. It wasn’t enough to do the outer work – life style and behavioral changes.

There was a way that the two worked together and something beyond it too that had to come into harmony:

My healthy perception of myself and my place in the world.

The elements of my life that either supported or detracted from it.

And what was really going on with my busy mind were keys that took unlocking.


And once I did the freedom and S P A C E I enjoyed was amazing! 

I’ve since walked thousands, just like you, along this journey.

Listen to what changed for them


The Quiet Your Mind Program Details:


21 video lessons (one per day) hosted on special member site for repeated viewing

3 live coaching / Q&A calls with Lauren via zoom plus recordings

Eligible for Quiet Your Mind Retreats & Advanced Online Workshops



Enrollment closes February 5th

Video course begins February 7th

Live calls February 14th, 21st and 28th all at 8am PST


One time payment of $399 USD

This program introduces you to tools from:

• Access Consciousness TM
• Yoga & meditation
• Life skills training
• Traditional therapy
• Practical knowledge from my own 25-plus year journey and those I’ve helped since


Is the Quiet Your Mind Program right for you?


This program is for you if you’re:


  • Struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, fear or over effort-ing (control freak!)
  • Seeking ways to find inner peace and strength but haven’t accessed it yet
  • Desire to hear your inner voice and knowing louder than the outside world
  • Prioritize self-care and improvement and see the value it can have in your life
  • Can’t imagine living one more day being pushed around by that bossy mind of yours!

This program is not for you if you’re:


  • Not interested in energetic, holistic and alternative self-help tools
  • Unwilling to put into practice what you learn
  • Enjoy your inner critic more than your inner cheerleader
  • Wanting a quick fix or someone to do it for you
  • Aren’t ready to relax and trust yourself (that’s okay! I’m hopeful that you’ll get there soon)

The Curiculum:

The Why & The How

Why is it so hard to break out of our mind-spin & hot emotions?

Big a-ha: Most of the mind spin and emotional stuff that comes with it isn’t ours. It’s our awareness of the world and the people in it.

We all have a spidey-sense (that sixth sense of what’s going on below the surface of life). And it runs amuck sometimes.

The collective static of the world seeps inside us. It crosses the threshold of being someone else’s and becomes your own. This is so lightning fast that it’s hard to catch before it occurs!

As a result, we get too tuned into what’s around us and develop un-healthy patterns like:

  • Fulfilling other’s needs above your own
  • Overwhelmed to the point of inaction
  • Living up to what’s expected of you (since that’s all you can see)
  • Maintaining the status-quo

In my view, the mis-use and lack of education on this spidey sense is the main culprit of a busy, distracted mind. And why it is so hard to shake when it occurs.

After all, it’s hard to change something that isn’t yours!

The Quiet Your Mind Program works by teaching you how to distinguish what’s yours and what isn’t. 

From that clarity we enjoy self-peace, awareness of what we’d like to create and the choices to do so becomes readily available. 

Module 1:

Re-frame Your Perspective 

Day 1:  What is the Mind?

Day 2:  You Are Not Your Mind

Day 3:  You Are Aware

Module 2:

Foundational Tools

Day 4:  How to Access Your Inner Knowing (with no mind!)

Day 5:  Who’s Stress is this Anyway?

Day 6:  Psychic Radar vs Psychic Sponge

Day 7: Healer / Caregiver Stress SOS

Module 3:

Let’s Get Practical  

Day 8: Reclaiming Your Space: Meditation and Exercise

Day 9: How to Handle your life

Day 10: Interrupting Stress Patterns

Day 11: Body / Mind Connection

Module 4:
Advanced topics

Day 12: Helper Mindset & the Stress that Ensues

Day 13: Silencing Your Inner Critic & Mind Stories

Day 14: How to Stop Spinning

Day 15: Hermit Phenomenon (Social Anxiety SOS)

Day 16: Finding Peace in Noisy Situations

Day 17: What to do With Big Feelings

Day 18: How to NOT Lose Yourself Around Others


Module 5:

Expanding and Integrating

Day 19: The Freedom of the Observer

Day 20: How Space Creates Where the Mind Doesn’t

Day 21: Fostering Peace of Mind


Why should you invest in quieting your mind? 


What lies beyond the mind and it’s limiting beliefs? 

A sense of peace… 

The chance to get out of your own way…

Space to hear your desires above the noise of everyone else’s expectations, ideas & needs… 

The ability to bask in limitless possibilities, utilize your true intelligence & choose what works for you…

Meet Your Guide

Lauren Polly, M.Ed., knows first-hand how a mental health diagnosis can also mean a life of labels, stigma and limitation. After exploring alternative modalities along with traditional treatment, she discovered the importance of treating the whole person – body, mind, and soul.

She discovered that she is a gifted empath who is keenly aware of others and her environment. Her entire life changed when she reclaimed those gifts beyond her diagnosis.

Now, she shares her transformative path to help those with similar stories reclaim their own gifts. Lauren is also a speaker and executive life coach. She works with leaders to trail-blaze their unique mission-driven work in the world.

Lauren received her Master’s degree from the University of Virginia in Communication Disorders with a focus in Speech and Language Pathology. She is the author of, The Other Side of Bipolar, an internationally best-selling and multi-award-winning book.