The World is Loud

Your mind doesn’t have to be

So many of us are struggling in this fast-paced, polarized and noisy world.

Enjoying a moment of peace is a luxury – one that we don’t get to indulge in often enough. Let alone foster as a corner-stone of our lives.

This taster course of my Quiet Your Mind Program will give you relief for everyday “pain points.” These little-known perspective shifts and tools can help you learn how to find peace and power in any moment. (learn how below)

If you’ve been feeling over-stimulated or weighed-down by the world this course will help you:

  • decompress,
  • reconnect and
  • lighten your sense of possibilities

Investment $27 USD

These prescriptive videos help bring relief to your in-the-moment worries.

And change common mind spins that are notriously hard to shake

(and therefore turn into chronic issues!)


The Why & The How


Why is it so hard to break out of our mind-spin & hot emotions?

Big a-ha: Most of the mind spin and emotional stuff that comes with it isn’t ours.  It’s our awareness of the world and the people in it.

We all have a spidey-sense (that sixth sense of what’s going on below the surface of life).  And it runs amuck sometimes.

The collective static of the world seeps inside us. It crosses the threshold of being someone else’s and becomes your own. This is so lightning fast that it’s hard to catch before it occurs!  

As a result, we get too tuned into what’s around us and develop un-healthy patterns like:

  • Fulfilling other’s needs above your own
  • Overwhelmed to the point of inaction
  • Living up to what’s expected of you (since that’s all you can see)
  • Maintaining the status-quo


In my view, the mis-use and lack of education on this spidey sense is the main culprit of a busy, distracted mind. And why it is so hard to shake when it occurs. 

After all, it’s hard to change something that isn’t yours! 


For me, this looked like anxiety, depression, mood swings, etc. The symptoms won me a Bipolar diagnosis at age 14.

After years of traditional and holistic care, I’ve discovered that things aren’t always what they seem. (you can read all about it in my multi-award-winning book!)

I’ve spent YEARS tuning my own inner navigation system away from un-healthy patterns. And educating myself on what I was aware of beyond their surface appearance.

Not letting things cross that threshold to become something that I had to carry for others.  And not having to protect myself from it either.


Life’s changed for the better in unimaginable ways.

Yes, I’m healthy and happy with balanced moods (my diagnosis was actually overturned 10 years ago!). I’m successful and contributing to others on a level I never would have expected.

But my biggest “win” is that I have a sense of peace with myself. I know I can handle what life throws at me. I actually LIKE myself now and enjoy my life.

It wasn’t always easy, and definitely not always comfortable, but I’m living proof that it’s possible. And I have had the joy of assisting thousands into similar success stories.


I want to help you too, that’s why I’ve curated these special videos!

They’ll help you change 5 common mind-spins that are notoriously hard to shake (and therefore turn into chronic issues)

They feature the same tools, a-ha’s and exercises that helped me go from stressed and sensitive to calm and empowered.

Featuring tools from:

  • Access Consciousness TM
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Life skills training
  • Traditional therapy
  • Practical knowledge from my own 25-plus year journey and those I’ve helped since


Investment $27 USD