Quiet Your Mind Program - Lauren Polly

The World is Loud

Your mind doesn’t have to be

So many of us are struggling in this fast-paced, polarized and noisy world.

Enjoying a moment of peace is a luxury – one that we don’t get to indulge in often enough. Let alone foster as a corner-stone of our lives.

This taster course of my Quiet Your Mind Program will give you relief for everyday “pain points.” These little-known perspective shifts and tools can help you learn how to find peace and power in any moment.

If you’ve been feeling over-stimulated or weighed-down by the world this course will help you:

  • decompress,
  • reconnect and
  • lighten your sense of possibilities

Investment $27 USD

These prescriptive videos help bring relief to your in-the-moment worries.
See below for the video topics