Are you wondering what’s next for you?


Do you wonder if there is something missing from your life or if this is all there is?


Do you stop yourself short of exploring more life-affirming, fulfilling and robust creations due to overwhelm, lack of clarity or drive to see it through? Perhaps you wonder if the risk to change up your good life is going to be worth it.

Welcome to Blaze:

How to Lead What’s Next for You with Clarity, Courage and Outrageous Fun

Over this 3-week series we’ll unpack what it takes to:

1. Be the leader of your own life

2. Discover your strengths

3. Nourish the out-of-balance aspects of yourself

4. Meet perceived risks with self-assurance and self-trust

What is Blaze? The invitation & a question for you...

The program details:

3 1-hour live facilitation calls on July 22, 29 & August 5 at 12:00 pm PST

  • Each call is a mixture of cutting-edge content, tools for identifying and clearing blocks, perspective flips to ignite your innovation and clear action steps for bringing that innovation into reality.
  • Live Q & A for group coaching and for practical examples of how to apply this new insight directly to YOUR life
  • Each training call will be one hour via zoom (online classroom)
  • All recordings available within 24 hours
  • Can’t be on LIVE? No problem – submit your questions in advance to have them addressed on the call.

Curious what this exploration will cover week to week?

Sneak peek with Lauren below:

Currently you may feel like:

  • You’re in a constant push-pull with your life: you hate it – you love it. (you wonder what you may have to leave to find the more you are seeking).
  • You’re afraid you’re missing out on your potential.
  • You judge yourself constantly, knowing so much more is possible for your career, life and impact, yet don’t know what to do, let alone how to do it.
  • You also judge yourself for not being satisfied. You’ve created so much success already, why isn’t it enough for you? You wonder, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I   just be grateful?”
  • You’d hate to admit this, but you’re bored and either creating drama or busy-ness. You take on projects that aren’t actually enjoyable just to have something to do.
  • You’re drained, so the idea of taking on more is overwhelming, but you still wake up at night with an ache for doing and creating something more.

But, what if the road forward to something even greater was easier to find and navigate than you ever thought possible?

And what if you didn’t have to go it alone?

Imagine a living where:

  • The days of the love-hate relationship with your life are gone! You’re embracing your many paths and engaging with them in new and satisfying ways.
  • You’re fully engaged with what you’re doing, knowing you are utilizing your full potential.
  • You trust that where you are is where you were meant to be AND where you are meant to go, you will go!
  • You’re relaxed into yourself and feeling fulfilled. You’re discovering your unique brilliance and how to express it into the world.
  • You’re directing your energy into new enjoyable projects and no longer waste time on drama, boredom or self-sabotage.
  • You’re exploring your creativity and new capacities, which is increasing your energy, interest, curiosity and enjoyment of life.

Trailblazers have an innate curiosity of what else life has to offer – what if it was time to indulge it and see what you’re capable of creating?!

Sometimes all it takes is the permission to open the door to a new possibilities and the willingness to explore what’s on the other side…  

Total Investment for entire three week course $49 USD