• Shifting the Servant Mentality of the Lightworker

Shifting the Servant Mentality of the Light-worker / Healer

How being OF SERVICE not IN SERVICE allows you to stay re-charged, present and at full gifting power

Calling all light-workers!  Teachers, healers, therapists, mothers, fathers, friends – basically anyone who cares about or for other people.

All those folks who provide hand-holding, lend a shoulder to cry on, are a guiding force; those that mentor, facilitate, teach and lead by example.

You are light-workers.  Those called to serve others through many different ways – the most importantly being the way you live and interact with the world.

The difficulty is that most of us are getting burnt out, not able to operate at full power and sometimes struggle to get by in our own lives.  The reason?

We have twisted our calling to be OF SERVICE to others to being IN SERVICE to them.

As a result, we put ourselves second, our bodies become unhealthy, our minds dull, our moods dim and our energy is always given out, with very little coming in to re-fill us.

What if there was a different way to serve?

One where the gifting to others came from the overflow of your already full tank – not the last drips you have at your disposal?

How do you know if you are operating under servant mentality with your gifts?  Let’s play a game to find out!

  • Do you feel depleted and exhausted after being around other people?
  • Do you feel like you are banging your head against a wall – trying desperately to show people a better way that they don’t ever seem to choose?
  • Do you force change on others?
  • Do you struggle to put yourself on your to-give-to list each day?
  • Does your body feel painful, tired or heavier than you would like it to?
  • Do you get angry when others refuse your help?
  • Do you struggle to charge for your healing services?
  • Do you get so filled up by others receiving your care/services that it is more than enough in payment yet struggle to pay for what your body needs month after month?
  • Do you get mired in the heaviness and stickiness of people’s problems?
  • Do you take things on from others and carry it for them?
  • Is helping others more important than taking care of yourself?

If the answer was yes to any or ALL of the above then the servant mentality of the light-worker is at play in your world.

Now – this is NOT a wrongness!

It is amazing that you are called to serve and have the gifts to do-so.

How many of you cringed at the thought of giving up your ability to help others?  As if the only way to take care of you and to operate on a full tank is to turn your back on your calling?

It’s not that at all…

You just require a shift in your perspective (and perhaps deeper clearings of stuck mindsets/behaviors) that have you being IN SERVICE to people as opposed to being OF SERVICE to them.

Here’s an example:

Imagine a waiter who comes to your table and asks “How can I be OF SERVICE to you?”

Notice he doesn’t have the point of view that he is a servant or a slave.  He is at work.  He’s receiving money for his time.  He can take breaks.  He is there to gift and ‘serve’ you but not in a ‘servant way.’

Practice time! 

Start to notice when the ‘yes’ answers to the above questions come up for you.

Where you leave you and your body out of the moment and ‘feel’ it later.  Where you refuse money, energy and connections.  Where you refuse that inclusion and re-fill would make your healing work easier, more fun and perhaps spread it more widely and organically into the world.

Start to choose differently.  Put you first.  Stop being a servant and IN SERVICE to others.  Shift into the gift of being OF SERVICE and see what self-peace, energetic re-fills and possibilities begin to emerge!

STILL A STICKY SUBJECT?  I’m holding a special online class on Un-doing Servitude: Becoming the Master of Your Reality on September 29th where will be clearing deeper layers of this twisted phenomenon, shifting broader perspectives and catalyzing the creation of YOUR REALITY with your healing abilities.

For more info on how to join visit here: LaurenPolly.com/servant-master


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