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In honor of suicide prevention and awareness week…
Someone struggling with suicide

How do you help someone who is struggling and contemplating suicide?
When my suicide letter was found, and in the years of struggle that followed, I was met with one phrase over and over again; “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Cognitively I knew this was true however my problems didn’t feel temporary at all – if they were why would I be complimenting taking my own life? All this phrase did was create a sense of invalidation and wrongness in my world. Little change or relief came from any conversation that began this way, which unfortunately a lot did…

What can you be or say for someone who is going through so much angst that suicide is being considered?

1) Acknowledge where they are

2) Create space for them to vent without trying to ‘fix’ them

3) Be a space of non-judgment for yourself and for them.

From there doors will open where real relief and change can be created.

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