• Stepping into the Light! New Offerings and tidbits on CREATION!

Stepping into the Light! New Offerings and tidbits on CREATION!

Lauren Polly

As some of you know I just moved to Los Angeles after being on assignment in the High Desert of California for 5 weeks.
My time in the desert was interesting… besides going a tad stir crazy I enjoyed the open sight lines, the beauty of the sand and rocks and the company of a handful of people who opened my ways of seeing the world.  How better?!

It also gave me the SPACE to actualize a few creations that have been bubbling under the surface and creating themselves in the shadows of my awareness.  Now’s the time to allow them to step into the light and be birthed into the world.  They are a culmination of all my classes, sessions and personal explorations over the last 2 years (or 2 trillion give or take a few…)

Are you ready????


The Change
My FIRST publication!  The Change 6: Insights into Self-EmpowermentI had the honor of being hand picked by Toni Robbin’s first mentor, Jim Britt and Jim Lutes to be a co-author in their book series: The Change!

Each chapter holds uplifting, relevant information on how to be empowered and create the life you desire.

It is a global project that has connected me with many powerhouse coaches, visionaries and entrepreneurs all over the world!.  Stay tuned for some wonderful events hosted by me and the other co-authors!

My chapter on “Breaking the Rules of Engagement with How You Communicate” is in book 6.  Get a FREE download of it HERE

The Energetic Orgasm
The Energetic Orgasm Experience!3 guided meditation/energetic exercise audios and eBook that lead you through 7 steps to accessing ORGASMIC energy all the time!

Are you ready to explore your body’s full ORGASMIC potential?

Are you interested in more intense orgasms during sex?

What if I told you there was a way to not only have that but expand that joyful orgasmic energy through your entire body and being?

To access it all the time?  To BE it?  And to utilize it to create your life?

Are you ready to explore a very different perspective?

Accessing and playing with Orgasmic Energy on this deep level changes the way you experience orgasms and sexual pleasure. Sex is better, orgasms are more spaciously intense and best of all the amazing energy doesn’t stay in the bedroom. It permeates your body/mind to allow your life to be a total orgasmic experience!

Join me and my friend Kim Lucien for a FREE google hangout this Tuesday the 20th at 6pm PST to start unlocking this energy in yourself and your body!  Tune in here:  https://plus.google.com/events/c5leuo2j3ea6kq7h2b331k9ubas

Get the FREE eBook that explores the 7 steps HERE.

Ready to dive in? Buy the full product line here: http://shop.laurenpolly.com/

Foundation & Level 1 - Tools to change your life
Lakeside Michigan Retreat!Join myself and fellow Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator Emily Evans Russell for a weekend of play, possibilities and fun in discovering and building your toolbox for practices and simple techniques to changes your life.

This weekend consists of the core classes of Access Consciousness, Foundation and Level 1 (prereq – Access Bars).

What Will You Get Out Of This Weekend?

Feel More Alive
Transform struggle into play
Deepen your relationship with yourself and others
Change habits & patterns that no longer serve you
Increase self-confidence
Deepen the connection and communion with your beautiful body
Be comfortable in your own skin
Tools to be you and have ease in any situation
Find your own happy
Love on your body!
How to create from being instead of doing
Introduce play to every area of your life – from work, to sex, to family life
Operate from no competition with yourself or others

BONUS: We will be having class in an amazing house in Lakeside, Michigan just about 75 minutes from Chicago and right on Lake Michigan. If you choose to stay 1 or more nights during the class, it is only $60/night!
For more info go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/992928804084377/

Talk to God
Talk to the Entities Classes!

Talk to the Entities is a fully comprehensive system for learning how to deal with, facilitate, clear, receive from and have overall ease and peace with the Spirit world.  In these classes and sessions you will learn a set of tools, processes and philosophies that will totally revolutionize the way you think, feel and function with the spirit world.

Entities are a huge part of our world and all of our lives whether you realize it or not.  This topic has been swept under the rug and severely judged for way to long.  People are born with the ability to perceive energy and spirits; it’s a gift not a disability.
Come explore a new way to function with the spirit world; a way of peace, ease and clarity.

I’m so happy to be offering:

Individual sessions: in person or via skype/phone
2 hour Introduction classes: First one in Lake Michigan Novemeber 5th!
2 day Beginner’s classes: First one in Los Angeles November 14-15th!
2-4 hour specialty classes in specific areas with the spirit world: Stay tuned!

Check out more info here: http://talktotheentities.com/facilitators/lauren-polly/

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