How to Succeed at Life

How to Succeed at Life
Monthly Coaching Program with Open Enrollment  throughout 2017!!!  

Do you stop yourself before you even start? 

Are you so afraid of failing that you don’t even try?

Does self-doubt and self-sabotage have you running in circles in your life? 

Do your past failures haunt your current choices and the creation of your future?

The fear of failure is HUGE for everyone.  It’s amazing how often this one energy or mindset stops wonderful creators from starting projects, businesses, relationships, you name it.  Or they create it in secret and never launch it into the world.

On the flip side the joy of failure is just as big…  It is the relief we feel when what we set out to create doesn’t come to fruition.  We are let off the hook, the responsibility falls away and we get to settle into the comfort of the familiar.

Failure is just a judgment.  So is success.  They are made up barometers that vary widely based on who you ask.  If you could start to see what barometer you have set for yourself as failure and success and undo the judgment of that an amazing sense of freedom occurs.

Join international best-selling author Lauren Polly, Med., CF, for a special year-long dive into the success factor!

Discover how to:
Un-do judgment
Gain clarity on how your current view point is creating your life and how to shift it
Release fear
Use the power of questions
Tap into your intuitive knowing
Reclaim your personal power
Let go of the joy of failure
Find ease with success
Self-motivate for on-going progress
Trust YOU above all else
Go BIG in all areas of your life

We’ll explore how to be successful in: relationships, health, body pleasure, money, finance, creation, business, mental/emotional well-being and so much more!

What is success to you?  

And how do you create a life that not only matches that but supports and sustains it?

Are you ready to succeed at this game called life?

We begin with our first call at noon PST on February 15th
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For a FREE hour-long intro call to this program click HERE

What’s included:
Monthly call – calls will be at different times on different days of the week for variety
Audio of call for repeated listening
Written clearings and audio loops
Bi-weekly FB live with Lauren with unique content
Private FB group for on-going support from Lauren and other participants
Monthly play-sheet with tips, tools and success targets for the month
One 30 min private session (included only in year-long option)
A few molecular exercises
Surprise goodies along the way for more support, motivation and progress!

You can join for 6 months or for the whole year for a special rate and receive the bonus of a private 30-minute session with Lauren!

Investment options:  

Monthly payment option (for open enrollment): $80 a month automatically billed

Six-month option: $500 (includes all of the above except private session)

Yearlong option: $850
Onetime full payment upfront or two payments of $425 – first due before class on Feb 15th and second due July 1st

Payment links below:

Monthly Payment $80

Six Month Only $500

Year-long Full payment $850

Year-long two payments $425

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