What do I offer?


All of my content focuses on building awareness of the ecosystem we live, learn, grow and work in.

We do not function in a bubble and are directly impacted by the actions of others and the organization / world at large.

Similarly, we have the power – as a vital part of the ecosystem – to directly impact it.  Through our conscious choices or subconscious patterns, we either create more health or more dis-ease within it. 

Most are functioning from a lack of clarity and awareness of where they lie in the various ecosystems they inhabit (work, school, family, inner perceptions).  This can lead to victim mentality, “putting out fires” vs productive action, poor motivation, low engagement, burn-out and deeper mental / emotional issues. 

All of the above can impact the ecosystems bottom line with poor satisfaction, less than ideal productivity and eventual turn over when the employees / students just give up and move on. 

It’s through awareness building – self, relational and environmental – that clarity, personal power and team building can occur.


My keynotes, college speaking programs and workshops have various themes based on the needs of the organization.  

In each of them I teach malleable/customizable tools that allow the audience to discover the following:

Where are you in the ecosystem?

What are the unhealthy patterns that need to be changed?

How do others actions impact you and the ecosystem at large? 

Where is your personal and team power to change it?

How do you go about effecting change?

Happy reported side effects from my programs are an increase in:

  • Engagement
  • Creativity
  • Accountability
  • Employee / student retention
  • Team mentality
  • Productivity
  • Self-care and work / life balance
  • Motivation to self-start
  • Self-fulfillment,

Take a-ways from each program:

  • Clear actionable plan with what to do next
  • Identification of trouble spots and strategy on how to change them
  • Malleable/customizable tools to apply to various people, situations, and projects
  • More fun engaging with people
  • Renewed joy in learning, growing and working
  • Individuals truly empowered to lead their life their way and knowing how it contributes to the whole of the ecosystem

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