• The Lie of Emergency

The Lie of Emergency

The Lie of Emergency


As I was rushing through my extra busy patient load at the hospital today I found myself engaging with an old thought pattern.  Everything is an emergency – DO IT NOW!  Stress.  Run.  Don’t breath just move.  Don’t BE just DO!

This thought pattern is so familiar to me after 11 years of hospital work.  Somewhere along the way it became an automatic function for me as soon as I stepped into the building.  It became part of my work outfit, something I would don each day along with my scrubs and lab coat.

Until I realized something very cool…  This thought pattern?  It isn’t mine.  It never was.  It is a by-product of a stressful work environment along with a lot of type-A personalities impelling it at each other.  Sure, some tasks are STAT but even in the medical field they are the minority of the daily ins and outs of the job.

It is easy to get swept away in the energy of the environment.  To be at the effect of it.  Until you make the demand not to be.

I know that if I be present, relax into myself and move at the pace that creates more for me then I accomplish what needs to be done.  Always.  I’m calmer.  I’m happier.  I can contribute more fully to my patients and the other staff.

I get to be the one who functions differently.  I get to inspire by example and set the tone and pace that works for me.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of this.  Like I did today.  But that’s the amazing thing about becoming more conscious.  You become aware of when you aren’t functioning as you.  When you are getting swept away by the environment or other people.  And better yet you have the tools you need to put yourself back on track.

Acknowledge it isn’t yours.  Return the energy to sender.  Ask a question.  Choose to change it.

Is this working for me?
Is this state of mind and current way of being creating what I desire?
Is this really an emergency and something to be stressed over?
What do I know is possible that if would chose it would create more ease?
What could I be or do different here?

I have so enjoyed playing with these amazing Access Consciousness® tools in my work at the hospital, while building my business, in writing my first book, with my family dynamics, in my relationships, with my body…

Wondering how to dive in deeper with these tools?   Ready to build the strength in knowing what works for you and the commitment to have it always?

Emily Russel and I would love to have you join us and the other amazing people choosing the Lake Michigan Retreat for Access Foundation/Level 1 November 5 – 9.

Check out the event info below to see if it sparks some creative potential for you!


And as always I’m here for sessions or a quick pick me up as needed!

Ease and Joy,

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