As a leader, you do things for everyone else.

This program is a gift to yourself that you don’t have to manage, perform, organize, or take care of.

This is the space where YOU are taken care of.

This intimate and elite membership is for those of you looking to:

Be part of a community with an ever-expanding conversation into what’s possible. 

Be supported by people who have your back, hold you accountable and who can assist you in bringing your vision to life.

Connect with other leaders who support, challenge and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Learn new skills; both to cope with new hurdles as you move into uncharted territory and to create what you desire in new and exciting ways.

Have a safe space to let your guard down to experiment, explore, fail, succeed and everything in-between.  You’ll be supported to change what’s not working without the pressure to perform or to be perfect. 

Ready to leap? Chat with Lauren to see if you're a fit to join us!

Over the course of this 6-month journey we will:

Unlock & Activate

We’ll take a deep dive into 6 super-powers that when at their full strength allow you to be whole, multi-faceted and wealthy in living, being and creating.  Every month will focus on one of the trailblazer archetypes below; how they get twisted out of power, their unique gifts and how you can use those gifts to create in aspects of your life.

  • The Reluctant Hero has a superpower of CARING that gets twisted into carrying others
  • The Wonder Women has a superpower of KNOWING that gets twisted into tunnel vision and needing to go it alone
  • The CEO has a superpower of INNOVATION (abridging her unique magic into this reality) that gets twisted into only being successful at that
  • The Misfit has a superpower of UNIQUENESS that gets twisted into fighting the norm
  • The Dreamer has a superpower of POSSIBILITIES that gets twisted into lack of presence with the here and now
  • The Underdog has a superpower of TENACITY that gets twisted into working harder than is needed


You’ll see things that you otherwise wouldn’t see and find yourself in new scenarios you couldn’t have imagined. You’ll discover things you thought you wanted actually don’t suit you and you need to change course. You’ll also discover hidden joys – and things you excel at that you never dreamed possible.

Forward Movement (ACTION!!!!)

You’ll build momentum, play and have total presence with yourself and the elements of your living. You’ll experience the flow of leading yourself without having the pressure of carrying anyone else. 


When you have even the smallest of wins, you’ll build encouragement that propels you forward into even bigger wins. You don’t need to hold back on your accomplishments. And you don’t need to hide where you get tripped up. This is where what makes you great is amplified and celebrated even more.


You’ll have hiccups along the way. Old patterns will show up. The difference NOW is you have tools to clearly see new choices and the ability to pivot instead of getting stuck.


Instead of hoping or wishing for things to show up, you’ll have the experience of HAVING and BEING what you have set out for in a uniquely powerful way!

And the BEST news of all? You don’t have to go it alone!

Ready to leap? Chat with Lauren to see if you're a fit to join us!

What's Included:

2x month LIVE Calls with Lauren:

Each call is a mixture of cutting-edge content, tools for identifying and clearing blocks, perspective flips to ignite your innovation and clear action steps for bringing that innovation into reality.

Live Q & A for group coaching and for practical examples of how to apply this new insight directly to YOUR life

Each training call will be one hour via zoom (online classroom); all recordings available within 24 hours

Can’t be on LIVE? No problem – submit your questions in advance to have them addressed on the call.

Home play featuring action challenges, inner exploration and guided meditations to deepen your journey

Access to Retreats at a special rate

Come play with Lauren and your Trailblazer Playmates in fun locations around the world!

2.5 day experience to unwind, recharge, connect and explore what path you’d like to blaze next 

Lodging, breakfast & lunch Included

Retreats will be held bi-annually

Online Community

In-the-moment support via our online forum hosted on Mighty Networks

Inner exploration challenges that help you integrate new skills and access your true path of what’s the leading edge for yourself.

Action challenges that create innovation and momentum in what you’re creating.

Pop up Trainings for a deeper dive into relevant topics. 

Free entry into Lauren’s group calls and trainings outside of the group

Guest Trainers

Pop up interviews and training sessions with guest trainers – you get to vote on the topic!
You’ll expand your network and learn from other experts. (You can also apply to be a featured guest trainer, too.)

1-on-1 Kick-off session (60 minutes) with Lauren

Set targets

Get clear on what you want to create via this group

Personal plan on how to use this 6-months to your best advantage!

Ready to leap? Chat with Lauren to see if you're a fit to join us!

This program is for you if:

  • You know there is more possible for your life and you are ready to start HAVING it!
  • You have experience doing inner work – energetic clearing, mindset shifts, using self-awareness tools – and desire to integrate them more deeply
  • You are ready to explore and take action on your dreams
  • The idea of having a group of fellow trailblazers contributing to your journey excites and delights you!
  • The most important thing to you is living fully expressed as the unique gift you are to the world and the people in your life

This program isn't for you if:

  • You feel the need for more soul searching at this time vs taking action.
  • You don’t have the resources – time, money & energy – to invest in yourself at the moment.
  • You aren’t interested in bettering your life – you may resist it a bit though – that’s not the same thing!
  • You are in deep crisis – there may be other offerings and formats that better suit your needs then this program.
  • If you are satisfied with living in your current circumstances over the next five years.

A personal note from your guide, Lauren Polly:

My mother always says…  Life is too short to stand in line and stare at the back of someone’s head.  Life is indeed…

Why am I so committed to bringing leading-edge resources about life creation and mental wellness to leaders?

I know what it’s like to create beyond a diagnosis and thrive, despite what experts some told me was possible. I’m on a mission to open up this possibility for others. 

I also know the path of leading others, only to find yourself blazing the trail with no one to lean on for support when you need it. 

We are called to be leaders but not taught how to let our guard down long enough to receive the required support to sustain our innovative desires.

Leading our ideas, organizations, people can only create greater when we lead ourselves and allow ourselves to be supported. 

After teaching tools of life creation and mental wellness to tens of thousands of people around the world, the feedback is consistent: 

People create the inner resiliency and deep confidence while simultaneously creating outward life achievements that were once deemed to be impossible.

Thank you for being here – not only leading, but allowing support so you can sustain and expand what’s truly possible for you.

Ready to leap? Chat with Lauren to see if you're a fit to join us!