VIP Healing Days

VIP Days

VIP Healing Day $3500


Are you looking for a dynamic experience to kick start your change and heal deeply?

Do you have a significant health issue that needs to be addressed?

Are you looking to change something that you have never been able to change before?

Imagine being:
Nurtured as you unravel past abuses, traumas, illnesses and upsets
Supported as you clear energetic, cognitive and behavioral blockages
Empowered to choose to leave your limitations behind and create more
Guided as you discover ways to continue to create change from this day forward
Pampered with relaxing and rejuvenating energetic body work for the body/mind

VIP days are the ultimate in healing. They include:
Pre-VIP target setting call: 60 minutes to determine your priorities to make the most of our time together
Energetic Bodywork
Dynamic personal coaching
Guided meditation/energetic exercises to change your body/mind on a molecular level
Recording of the day to listen again
Night time clearing/subliminal loop to clear unconscious blockages while you sleep
Post-VIP integration call: 30 minutes for follow up questions and to reflect for full integration

Lauren is uniquely suited for this type of deep and intense dive. Her kindness, gentle intensity, clarity of sight and ability to teach in a concise understandable way serve as a bridge. She meets you where you are and allows you to choose where you would like to go—at all times guiding, supporting and empowering you along the journey.

“Lauren’s intensive was a gift. Her willingness to go ANYWHERE with no judgement allowed me the space to let go of significant past abuse.  My relationship to my body is totally different now.” —Jo, Spain

“The breadth and depth of Lauren’s work and the awareness she opens you up to is unmatched.  I feel so much more hopeful after my intensive with her.  I’m going into my cancer treatment with my head held high—I know I can choose to heal. I know I want to live.”  —Wendy, San Francisco

“I have been to other healers for years. I always feel better afterwards but I never know how to maintain it. Lauren’s the first person I have worked with where I have clear action steps after I leave to continue the feeling. She gives me tools and questions to be able to create my life. It is not just a session with Lauren, it is a kick start to a new way of life.” —Mary, New York

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Molecular Exercise: Breaking Free from Formulas   Break free from inauthentic formulas of creation and claim the spotlight as YOU!  Molecular exercises go deeper then meditation.  They work in the quantum field, directly with your molecular structure.  Shake up old cognitive patterns, release stuck energies, relax away the past and wake up to more space to be and create as YOU!
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