• Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve; the Beauty of your Tenderness

I love this saying and what it represents; being so open hearted that everyone in your life knows how you feel about them.  What I don’t love is the often ‘negative’ way it is used; with the implied message that there is something wrong with being open, vulnerable, honest and expressive in your loving.
How many of you were taught to keep your tender sides to yourself?  How many of you expressed your loving when you were younger only to have it rejected, unacknowledged or unreceived?  How long have you been carrying those past ‘shut downs’ and have they been keeping your heart locked up tight?

The good news is, no matter what you have experienced in the past, change is always available.  You can recover your tenderness and begin to expose your heart once again.

An exercise for change:

Think of the first memory you have of when you tenderly expressed your heart and it wasn’t received.  Even if it seems silly or inconsequential the fact that you recalled that memory means it is still at play in your universe.

Get all the hurt, shut down or wrongness that was created in that moment and the moments after.  Allow it all to be present no matter how heavy or intense it is.  Now find the one molecule that is ready to change and turn it 180 degrees.  Now turn it again.  And again.  And again.  Continue to flip the molecules of those energies until they lighten up and expand away from you.  Flip them until they disappear into the ethers and you feel more open.

Our true beauty of being lies in the tenderness of ourselves.  Those open, vulnerable and expressive/receptive energies that we try like hell to cover up for fear of them being rejected, unreceived, unrequited or weak appearing. Recovering your tenderness, releasing past hurts and softening to expose your tender heart will allow you to be more present and open in your relationships.

What if you had the target this Valentine’s Day of being as heart-on-your-sleeve as possible?  What if you allowed yourself to uncover your tenderness and express it to those in your life?  What would that create?  Are you willing to give it a go?

If any heavy energies come up, which they may, repeat the exercise from above.  Repeat it until you feel light and expanded – more like the true you.  Energy has consciousness and can change upon request faster than imaginable.  By turning the molecules 180 degrees you are requesting and receiving an energetic change.  The universe is built on energy.  You change the energy; you change your world.

Lovingly and tenderly yours,

Lauren Polly

P.S: I did a really fun radio interview last Valentine’s Day titled “My Chatty Valentine: Loving Beyond Words” on the Living Weal’s radio show hosted by Keisha Clark.  Here’s the link to the replay if you are interested in exploring how actions and ENERGIES speak louder than words.  http://a2zen.fm/media/my-chatty-valentine-loving-beyond-words-with-guest-lauren-polly/

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