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Being Kind to You

What if being kind to YOU and the demand to include yourself in your life choices was the fiercest choice of all? Here’s an amazing – and far reaching! – conversation about creating true kindness, the lie of being nice, avoiding the drama of finding your individual self by choosing against others and the what […]

How much bigger would you like your world to be?

How much bigger would you like your world to be? Creation of a life that works for you Most of us are living a smaller life then we are capable of creating. The symptoms of small living show up in a variety of ways: lack of money, relationships that don’t work, body issues, constant stress […]

The Isolation of Depression; You Are Not Alone

The Isolation of Depression You are not alone I felt alone during the years I lived with bipolar depression. There is nothing easy about the reality of living with mental illness but from my perspective the most difficult thing to deal with and move past is the isolation. No one seems to understand you. Even you […]

Awaken Your Zest: How to infuse your business and life

Awakening Your Zest for Life “Lauren’s contagious laugh and zest for life influence all that cross her path.” My publicists added this line to my biography recently. It tickled and delighted me. It is a quality that I don’t acknowledge enough in myself yet something that others do over and over again. Thank goodness! The […]

Body Judgments and Self-Esteem; Part 1 of Mental Health and Bodies

Body Judgments and Self-Esteem; Part 1 of Mental Health and Bodies Could the dis-easy relationship with your body be contributing to sub-optimal mental health? The connection between our body and mind is a hot topic these days. Experts from different perspectives are linking stuck emotions, limited thought patterns and stress to poor body health. But […]

How often do you shut down in the face of sexual energy?

Have you decided that receiving sexual energy means that you 1) are obligated to have sex with that person, 2) that you are inviting rape or sexual abuse, 3) that you are bad and being inappropriate, 4)… 5)…, 6)… you get the point… These were my reasons for ‘fearing’ sex and my own sexual energy […]

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