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Coach and Author Lauren Polly to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2019 / — Lauren Polly is many things, a Certified Speech Language Pathologist who runs a hospital department; a Coach who empowers college students, individuals and businesspeople; a gifted speaker and author. Chiefly what she is, is an inspiration: someone who stirs people to be more proactive, find their way, and make the proverbial lemonade out of what we’re handed.
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“There is always more available.
And the path to it may be easier than you think.
I’d be delighted to show you the way…”


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The Other Side of Bipolar:

Revealing Your strengths to move beyond the diagnosis

The Other Side of Bipolar offers hope and a new perspective of mental illness that can help millions of people. A unique combination of memoir and self-help book, it invites us to reexamine our definitions of mental illness as a debilitating disease, and consider other possibilities.

Changing the Unchangeable
Creating a Life Worth Living

The Lighten Up Podcast

Your Invitation to Living on the Lighter Side of Life

Whether you’re looking to lighten your load or expand yourself and your living into new possibilities – you are in the right spot. 

Join multi-award-winning author, life coach and speaker, Lauren Polly, for a 14-minute joyful journey on life mastery, transformation and becoming the YOU you’ve always wanted to be. 

Anxiety Be Gone!
Are you a psychic sponge?

Welcome to Lauren Polly Coaching

Self-Care & Empowerment


Two things I know for sure…

There is always more available.

Creating real change is far easier than you believe is possible.

Welcome to the place where this can be YOUR reality !!!



We all have mental health needs.

This doesn’t mean having a diagnosis, or other challenges. It DOES point to the fact that everyone has situations, beliefs and patterns that emerge over time that either propels us forward or demands that we pivot and create a change.

Our success in life is dependent on how we act at those choice points. Diagnosed or not, we all struggle to navigate stressful circumstances, hear our inner voice and trust it and bounce back when life kicks us around a bit

Lauren is a professional speaker on mental health and self-care, inspired by her personal journey chronicled in her multi-award-winning book, The Other Side of Bipolar.

She delights in speaking to college students, women’s organizations and corporations to offer insight, hope and practical tools to use during life’s ups and downs.

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How to Bounce Back: The Power of Resiliency

Out-Creating Your Potential



If you’ve ever thought things like:

I’d like my life to be better but how do I do that?

I sense that there’s more to life, but how do I create it?

How do I create true lasting change?

You’re not alone. 

Most people focus on mindset or willpower to create change, wasting precious time and energy trying to push their way through.

Or they have gotten to the point of, “maybe this as good as it gets” and settle into maintaining the status quo. 

Welcome to a different possibility; where the path to having a better life is easier than you think. 

Together, we’re going to create that with two key ingredients: mental wellness resources & tools for life creation.

Lauren’s coaching is a culmination of everything she has learned and LIVED throughout her own life journey, which is chronicled in her multi-award winning book, The Other Side of Bipolar.

Drawing on her personal experience, therapeutic background in medical speech-language pathology and teacher training from yoga, meditation and Access Consciousness she offers online holistic programs, workshops, group and individual coaching that fosters self-awareness, empowerment and care.

If Only… How to Out-Create Your Excuses

When Old Patterns Resurface…

What clients are saying

“Lauren is a wonder. When I began working with her, I wanted to rediscover my power. What I experienced was my true self and my body. These two things, opened me to an expanded awareness, which helped me to realize not only my true identity, but how I can use this to create possibilities. Working with Lauren is a wondrous adventure, and a gift that you give yourself.”

~ Renee, Author, Oregon

“I was impressed at Lauren’s vast knowledge base, real-life examples and the simple tools she shared. I was particularly impressed that she invited group participation and fielded questions so that everyone got help on the issues that were directly impacting them. We all left with a lot of practical tips to help lead our team into healthier dynamics.”

~ Joe, Cardiac Rehab Manager, Los Angeles

“Lauren truly cares about you. You can feel it. And it makes all the difference.”

~ Stacey, College Freshman

“Lauren’s speech taught me that it’s okay to pay attention to myself, how I’m feeling and that it’s okay to include my needs in my work day. I feel better in my job and am enjoying my patients more.”

~ Carey, Registered Nurse