For the Employer

DEIB Offerings: Look Normal, Think Wild Corporate Culture

What if you could harness the differences people have while uniting them in a shared vision?  And achieved not only company success but employee fulfillment as a result?

    For the Individual

    VIP 1:1 Journey with Lauren 

    What if your difference was where your true brilliance lies?  And the most useable assets to create a life you love? 

      For the World

      Empower the One, Empower the Many

      Life is too short, and we possess far too much potential to stay locked in labels, divisive thinking and the ‘old’ ways of relating to each other.  Individual self-development and achievement can lead to great strives for the whole – whether that is a company, organization, family or community. 

      A note to express my appreciation and gratitude for what you brought to Transport Topanga Literary Festival. It’s amazing to me that a person can be a container for so much transformation and still hold a brilliant, genuine smile and bounce in their step. Your triumph over doctors and labeling and pain is truly inspiring and educational.  I hope our paths cross again.” ~ Kim, Director of Topanga Literary Festival

        Hi there, I’m Lauren Polly. 

        Founder of The Mental Wealth Movement

        I know first-hand how a mental health diagnosis can also mean a life of labels, stigma and limitations.

        Handed a set of future predictions based solely on your label; you define yourself as such. And start to create your life in line with it.

        In the process self-exploration ceases, dreams of achievement dim and your self-evolution narrows to managing your illness. I lived from this limited perspective for years.

        While I took consolation that I had achieved a stable emotional state deep down I knew there was more to living than stability.

        Truth is there is more to living than achieving mental health as we know it. 

        Enter the next frontier

        of Mental Wealth.