The Mental Wealth Movement©

Eradicating the belief that you can only succeed by suppressing your difference.

What if your difference was where your true brilliance lies?  And the most useable assets to create a life you love?

Building presence with what is; without external stimuli triggering internal scripts.

What if you could build a working knowledge of your unique perception? And put it to use in your life beyond the influence of others?

Creating systems that support you being whole and alive at all times.

What if you were always aided to move through life with purpose and creativity?  And achieve not only success but fulfillment as a result?

    Hi there, I’m Lauren Polly. 

    Founder of The Mental Wealth Movement©

    I know first-hand how a mental health diagnosis can also mean a life of labels, stigma and limitations.

    Handed a set of future predictions based solely on your label; you define yourself as such. And start to create your life in line with it.

    In the process self-exploration ceases, dreams of achievement dim and your self-evolution narrows to managing your illness. I lived from this limited perspective for years.

    While I took consolation that I had achieved a stable emotional state deep down I knew there was more to living than stability.

    Truth is there is more to living than achieving mental health as we know it. 

    Enter the next frontier

    of Mental Wealth. 

    I work with high-functioning neuro-emotional atypicals who have cleverly succeeded despite their diagnosis.  

    But by always being in work-around mode…  They look picture-perfect but they struggle with…

    … Chronic tension and fatigue; mental, physical and emotional

    …. Control tactics which cap their potential and stick forward movement

    …. Hiding parts of themselves – never living relaxed, whole and authentically

    …. Auto-pilot – lost in people-pleasing, expectation matching and perfection insanity


    “Lauren has been instrumental in my healing from my anxiety disorder. Her practical tools, different perspectives and use of her personal experience couple into the most comprehensive ‘therapy’ I’ve ever had.” ~ Mona, Beirut


    “Lauren creates a soft place to land and a safe place to explore.  She danced lightly into my world, opened my awareness, and never made me wrong.” ~ Sylvie, Denmark


    Through Cultivating Mental Wealth, we:

    Cultivate a clear vision of ourselves,
    the world, and how we interplay with it. No longer viewing us through the shadowy filter of our diagnosis. Nor the rosy filter of toxic positivity. But from the fertile ground of honesty and awareness.

    Play the edge of looking normal while thinking wild.  Enjoy that sweet spot of strength and agility that allows you to be and do whatever you wish, whenever you wish.

    Solidify our foundation as evolving, malleable creatures. There is always more and you aren’t stuck by anything or anyone.  Yes, you can change the unchangeable.

    Luxuriate in discarding our picture-perfect masks, people-pleasing ways, and control tactics and simply let ourselves be.  Respite from the ‘normal’ we have been successful at but with way too much effort!

    Embrace our uniqueness and lean into our natural tendencies. There was nothing ever wrong with them. They just fell outside of the norm. But what if that’s where your true brilliance lies? You just need to know how to apply it…


    From here the beauty of an impactful, fulfilled life begins to sprout.

    I changed what wasn’t changeable.


    I discovered my own wisdom (disguised as illness) and my power to choose the life I wanted, moment by moment. And I did it in unexpected and out-of-the-box ways.

    My early years of treatment consisted only of medication management and therapy. It was all fear-based, warning me of what was to come and talking circularly about my problems. I felt like I was stuck in a never-ending rabbit hole.

    Despite this I did well for myself. I got a master’s degree. I excelled at a fast-paced job at one of the country’s top hospitals (where I eventually ran the department). I bought a car, then a house. From the outside, it looked perfect. Like I had finally suppressed my difference enough to succeed.

    But on the inside, it exhausted me. I was unfulfilled and riddled with self-judgment. I grew tired of hiding and felt there was more to life than stability. I started seeking alternative modalities to gain a sense of peace.

    Lightning struck a few years later when I found a gem of a question that changed everything for me:

    “What if there is nothing wrong with you?”

    This question lit a fire in my belly that began to warm my heart in the most wonderful and seductive way. Hope, in its purest form, began to sprout.

    From there my studies and implementation of self-awareness techniques deepened. I discovered that I’m a gifted empath who is keenly aware of others and my environment. My entire life changed when I reclaimed these ‘hidden’ gifts beyond my diagnosis.

      It was only when I started to explore what was right about my natural tendencies – and how they could be used (not masked) in my day-to-day interactions – that I felt I could loosen the reins and go for bigger and bolder in my life.  I help my clients do the same.

      “Lauren is a wonder. When I began working with her, I wanted to rediscover my power. What I experienced were my true self and my body. These two things opened me to an 
      expanded awareness, which helped me realize my true identity and how I can use this to create possibilities. Working with Lauren is a wondrous adventure and a
      gift you give yourself.” 
      ~ Renee, Oregon


      What I wish for you…

      Chronic mental health conditions are based on the idea that being different equals being wrong. Over the course of traditional treatment, we numb out or mask what makes us different in favor of fitting in.

      We learn to succeed at “being normal” only to feel hollow. Suppressing the most unique and life-affirming parts of ourselves. 

      This needs to change. Our differences make us great and without accepting, embracing and using them in our lives we’ll never reach our true potential. This work is deeply confronting but the reward is worth it.


      Since my multi-award-winning book, The Other Side of Bipolar came out…

      I’ve been asked if I’m a stand-alone case.  If the kind of change I experienced isn’t available to the masses. I say hell no to this.

      We have strokes of brilliance and gifts that fall outside of the norm and therefore have been mislabeled and gone un-tapped.  It takes exploring them from a different perspective where we question everything, judge nothing, and challenge the narrative to unlock our true potential. 

      As I walk my elite clients through this process, I have seen time and again that change is possible. Despite the chronic condition they have lived with for years.  Empowering them to explore their own unique way of doing it has been my greatest joy.

      Are you curious to see what could change for you if given the guidance, support, and freedom to explore?

      So am I. Click below to apply.