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Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions, Low Self-Esteem, Stress Management & feeling lost or too different to be in this world.

Lighten your life, harness your strength, embrace your difference & create a life you love…







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Are you struggling to find a sense of peace in your life?
So many are. Our problems, upsets and limitations often overshadow our possibilities for peace. We have a hard time caring for ourselves. We feel dis-empowered, lost and out of control. Life is loud, stressful and overwhelming.

There is hope. You can move beyond this. Everything is changeable and anything is possible. You just need the tools, perspective and guidance to get there. 

Enjoy this complimentary peek into my 30 Days to a Quiet Mind Program.  See what possibilities unfold…




Lauren’s Award-Winning & Internationally Best-Selling Book 


“Lauren leads those who would reach beyond maintenance into new worlds of achievement and guides them there, from a world of traditional approaches to an alternative of hope.” — Diane Donavan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“The kind of book you read in one sitting because the words are so compelling and the heroine someone you simply must see find her way.” —Blossom Benedict, International Speaker

“Lauren Polly leverages her triumphs, trials and life experience to show the reader how to create life on their own terms. A truly inspiring story with a revolutionary outlook on mental illness.”
—Jim Britt & Jim Lutes, Best Selling Authors and Creators of “The Change Book” Series

“Lauren Polly´s book is a great contribution to what our world truly could be, if people know what gift they truly are and start enjoying their difference. .” —Susanna Mittermaier, clin. psychologist, Best Selling author, Founder of Pragmatic Psychology  

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Lauren’s Mission:

“Life is too short and we possess far too much potential to stay locked in limitations, labels, rote behaviors and the ‘old’ ways of living. Individual self-development and achievement can lead to great strives for the whole – whether that is a company, organization, family or community.

Empower the one, empower the many.