Entrepreneurs, taking care of you is just as important as taking care of your business.

Step into a world where your entrepreneurial spirit and personal well-being are brilliantly intertwined. I’m Lauren Polly, and I invite you to experience the ELEVATE Membership, a supportive community for those who dare to redefine success. Here, your creativity and mental health are not just nurtured; they are the foundations of your entrepreneurial journey. Join us to discover how prioritizing self-care can transform both your business and your life.



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    Resiliency Roadmap: A Guide for Entrepreneurial Well-Being


    Begin sculpting your future with our “Resiliency Roadmap: A Guide for Entrepreneurial Well-being.” This guide isn’t just a tool—it’s your first step towards a life where challenges morph into opportunities for growth and innovation. Embrace this gift and start navigating the entrepreneurial landscape with resilience and grace.



      ELEVATE Membership

      Unleash Your Unique Potential in Business and Life

      Welcome to ELEVATE, a transformative community crafted for the purpose-driven, heart-centered entrepreneur. This is more than a membership—it’s a journey where your mental health, unique talents, and entrepreneurial spirit are celebrated and amplified.   

        Speaking Engagements and VIP Days

        Dive in Deeper with Lauren

        Delve deeper with personalized encounters that transcend the ordinary. I am available for speaking engagements and VIP days, where we explore the symbiosis of creativity and well-being in profound and life-changing ways. Whether addressing an audience or interacting one-on-one, these sessions are tailored to spark transformation and ignite enduring growth.

          Lauren’s Mission

          My life’s work is to guide you through the same transformative processes that have brought me profound peace and professional success. Whether you are navigating mental health challenges, feeling stuck in your entrepreneurial journey, or simply seeking a deeper connection with your authentic self, my coaching provides the tools and support needed to navigate these paths.