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    The Other Side of Bipolar

    Multi-award-winning book

    “Being diagnosed with a mental disorder can be devastating and crush a person’s sense of self-worth.
    Lauren’s raw and vulnerable tale of her own journey through the tortured world of mental illness
    inspires the reader to consider the possibility that what we’ve been labeling as disabilities may in fact be
    brilliant capacities unacknowledged. Lauren’s triumph over her diagnosis challenges the current medical
    paradigm and is truly an invitation to a different reality with mental illness.”

    Adriana Popescu, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    “The Other Side of Bipolar sits apart from other autobiographical surveys of psychological struggles,
    offering readers the rare opportunity to explore and utilize many of the gifts formerly identified as disabilities.”

    Diane Donavon, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book review

    “Lauren Polly´s book is a great contribution to what our world truly could be, if people know what gift
    they truly are and start enjoying their difference. Lauren Polly is gracefully shedding light on mental
    illness and what could be created beyond it. She uses her personal experience and shows the reader a
    different possibility.”

    Susanna Mittermaier, Clinical Psychologist, Best Selling author & Founder of Pragmatic Psychology