Mental Health Speaker & Consultant

“Lauren’s true gift lies in her ability to connect – whether that is one on one or in a group of 100+. I’ve sat in her presence in both circumstances and truly felt seen, heard, and inspired to take action on the tools she shares.”

~ LeAnn, HR manager, Los Angeles

“I was impressed at Lauren’s vast knowledge base, real-life examples, and the simple tools she shared. I was particularly impressed that she invited group participation and fielded questions so that everyone got help on the issues that were directly impacting them. We all left with a lot of practical tips to help lead our team into healthier dynamics.”

~ Joe, Cardiac Rehab Manager, Los Angeles

I’m dedicated to reshaping the journey to mental well-being.


While many opt for a sense of stability, my aim is to help individuals tap into their hidden potential and embrace self-discovery. In a world where mental health concerns are on the rise (affecting 22% of the population), the conversation has gained momentum. Although these initial discussions about awareness and acceptance are pivotal, they alone aren’t enough to completely erase stigma, self-judgment, and fragmented living.

Through my multi-award-winning book and speaking engagements, I openly share my own journey, guiding others to uncover their untapped strengths that are often misconstrued as weaknesses. I shed light on subtle mental health challenges that high-functioning individuals tend to overlook. By championing authenticity, I motivate diverse audiences to transcend their struggles. My ultimate goal is to reshape the landscape of mental well-being, steering individuals toward not just survival, but authentic thriving.

“A note to express my appreciation and gratitude for what you brought to Transport Topanga Literary Festival. It’s amazing to me that a person can be a container for so much transformation and still hold a brilliant, genuine smile and bounce in their step. Your triumph over doctors and labeling and pain is truly inspiring and educational. I hope our paths cross again.”

~ Kim, Director of Topanga Literary Festival

Speaking Topics


Look Normal Think Wild: Little-Known Superpower for A-typicals to Thrive in Typical Circumstances

Amid societal norms, our uniqueness fades, leaving us hollow, especially if labeled atypical. Our brilliance lies in our uniqueness, yet harnessing it as a valuable asset is challenging. Uncover a philosophy that revitalizes authenticity, revealing hidden potential and genuine purpose. 

Learning points:

  • Discover how to use peculiar tendencies and singular viewpoints as valuable assets.
  • For high-functioning individuals and highly creative beings, find a balance between conforming and embracing your brilliance.
  • Break free from conditioned behaviors and patterns to achieve a fulfilling and wholehearted life.

From High-Functioning to High-Fulfillment: Embracing Authenticity and Inner Peace

High-functioning individuals grapple with hidden battles like tension, control, and self-concealment, which hinders true fulfillment and authentic living. Few explore the wealth of self-discovery beyond mental health, surpassing stability and outward success.

Learning points:

  • Moving beyond perfectionism, auto-pilot, and people-pleasing (reducing anxiety-lite).
  • Embracing healthy loss of control: recognizing your true potential for self-evolution.
  • Unmasking yourself: embracing authenticity and living relaxed.

Unmasking Potential: Embracing Individuality for Mental Well-Being

Mental health stigma confines us to labels, hindering self-discovery and growth. Traditional treatment suppresses our differences, leaving us unfulfilled. Embracing our unique gifts, often mislabeled as disorders, unlocks a fulfilling life beyond limitations.

Learning points:

  • Utilize simple tools to expand self-perception beyond diagnoses or negative qualities
  • Shift perspective to shed stigma, shame, and secrecy surrounding your diagnosis
  • Understand the impact of labels on self-discovery and personal growth

Professional Bio

With a rich history spanning over 18 years in personal and program development, Lauren Polly, MEd, CCC-SLP, RYT, brings warm expertise to the table. She excels in orchestrating organization-wide trainings that spark transformation for a wide range of audiences.

Through her vibrant keynotes, tailor-made workshops, and insightful consultative work, Lauren fosters the release of unique talents within the neuro-emotional divergent community. Her approach cultivates a supportive space for individuals with distinctive thinking and feeling patterns, enabling them to proudly share their remarkable gifts.

As someone who understands the nuances of being emotionally divergent firsthand, Lauren recognizes the weight of mental health labels and how they can limit potential. Yet, she’s also unearthed the hidden truth that what’s often considered a drawback can, in fact, be a hidden advantage.

Lauren’s knack for clear communication allows her to simplify intricate ideas into practical takeaways. Her global impact is evident through international workshops that transcend borders, offering profound insights into Mental Health, Communication, and Self-Awareness.

In the realm of well-being, Lauren takes a proactive stance against burnout, offering strategic solutions and engaging live Q&A sessions for corporate leaders. Her influence stretches to literary festivals, enriching conversations that interweave Mental Health and Creativity.

Lauren’s media presence is notable, featuring on respected platforms including CUTV news and garnering national news coverage. Her written contributions grace esteemed outlets like Maria Shriver, MindBodyGreen, and THRIVE Global. Her acclaimed, best-selling book, “The Other Side of Bipolar,” shines as a beacon, celebrating the hidden potential within what’s often seen as drawbacks.