Mental Health & Self Care Speaking - Lauren Polly

Mental Health & Self-Care Speaker

We all have mental health needs.

This doesn’t mean having a diagnosis, or other challenges.

Everyone has beliefs and patterns that emerge over time. And they either propels us forward or demand that we pivot and create a change.

Our success in life is dependent on how we act at those choice points.

Diagnosed or not, we all struggle to:

  • navigate stressful circumstances
  • hear our inner voice and trust it
  • bounce back when life kicks us around a bit

Lauren delights in offering insight, hope and practical tools to use during life’s ups and downs.  

Some fun projects she has presented:

  • Round table discussions with corporate leaders on how to handle staff with care (including themselves)
  • Lunch and learns in corporations featuring stress relief techniques  including meditation and gentle yoga
  • 2-4 hour Workshops with healthcare and education professionals “Self-Care for the Caregiver”
  • Keynotes for Women’s and holistic organizations 
  • Stress-release booths at staff fairs and events

Contact Lauren to inquire about her speaking at your organization 770-361-1996

Personnal note from Lauren

I’m a mental health speaker, author and life coach. I use my own journey, navigating life with Bipolar Disorder from the age of 14, to offer unique takes on mental angst and care. Most importantly I empower people to see themselves beyond their diagnosis, label or any role they may have been given.

My multi-award-winning book, The Other Side of Bipolar, tells my own story of moving beyond the “box” of a diagnosis. Where the stigma, negative expectations and self-worth issues hinder many from exploring how they can create a successful life.  

I am well known for my candor, lightness of touch with heavy topics and unorthodox techniques to soften people’s internal landscapes. From there the work of self-reliance – trusting you above all else – and resiliency can truly thrive.   

I’ve worked for 15+ years in the hospital environment and love speaking to other caregivers – those that typically put the needs of others before their own. I offer “fixes” for burn-out, unhealthy team dynamics, capped potential and loss of job satisfaction.