Coaching: A Journey to Transformation

Welcome to a space where personal challenges transform into professional triumphs. I’m Lauren Polly, your guide through a unique coaching experience that integrates profound mental wellness insights with entrepreneurial success. My own journey—from navigating bipolar disorder to flourishing as an entrepreneur—serves as the foundation for a coaching ethos that embraces authenticity, resilience, and innovation.

“Lauren is a wonder. When I began working with her, I wanted to rediscover my power. What I experienced was my true self and my body. These two things, opened me to an expanded awareness, which helped me to realize not only my true identity, but how I can use this to create possibilities. Working with Lauren is a wondrous adventure, and a gift that you give yourself.” ~ Renee, Oregon

“I am always captivated by Lauren’s unique ability to identify core issues with such dynamic awareness. In her presence, I immediately feel a sense of relaxation—it’s clear you she has my back. Your openness about your failures, transforming them into strengths and opportunities, is truly inspiring. Being a part of her community and watching her navigate the adventure of life inspires me to discover my own truth and let my voice be heard.” Stacey, Paris

Elevate Membership

Join the ELEVATE Membership to harness the collective energy of a community that supports your growth and mirrors your commitment to authenticity. Engage with fellow members who are equally dedicated to personal and professional development.


Bespoke 1:1 Coaching

Dive Deep with VIP Coaching for a more personalized approach. Opt for VIP coaching to delve into tailored strategies that resonate deeply with your individual challenges and ambitions. Experience customized support that targets your unique needs and goals.



Unmasking Potential Through Personal Struggle

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age, I faced immense challenges that seemed destined to confine me to a life of limitations. Instead, I chose a path of transformation, using my experiences to deepen my understanding of the mind-body connection and its critical role in achieving true fulfillment. This profound journey not only inspired my multi-award-winning book, “The Other Side of Bipolar,” but also shaped my approach to business. I became passionate about helping entrepreneurs like myself navigate the complexities of personal branding. This includes mastering vulnerability and authenticity while maintaining healthy boundaries, avoiding over-identification with their businesses, reducing hustle culture, and steering clear of other common entrepreneurial pitfalls. My personal evolution drives my coaching, providing a powerful example of how embracing your whole being—quirks, creativity, and all—can unlock incredible potential.

    A Coaching Pathway Framed by Real Experience

    Through ELEVATE and bespoke VIP coaching sessions, I offer more than just guidance—I provide a partnership to help you navigate the complexities of being an entrepreneur intertwined with personal well-being. Here’s how we journey together:

    Setting Your Day Right: Finding Balance and Clarity

    • From Overwhelm to Empowerment: Learn to master your daily demands with strategies that prioritize mental clarity and emotional resilience. Together, we transform busyness into a purpose-driven schedule that respects your creative rhythms.

    Thinking Beyond Today: Cultivating Vision and Resilience

    • From Confinement to Expansion: We expand your horizon, moving beyond the immediate to embrace a future crafted by your deepest visions of success. This stage is about building resilience and a robust personal vision that aligns with your professional aspirations.

    Creating Tomorrow: Embracing Your True Self

    • From Restriction to Freedom: Discover the power of your authentic voice. This phase is dedicated to uncovering and utilizing your unique strengths, setting you free from the roles that restrict your potential and aligning your personal brand with your intrinsic values.

    Transform Your Entrepreneurial Journey 

    My life’s work is to guide you through the same transformative processes that have brought me profound peace and professional success. Whether you are navigating mental health challenges, feeling stuck in your entrepreneurial journey, or simply seeking a deeper connection with your authentic self, my coaching provides the tools and support needed to navigate these paths.

    Are You Ready to Transform?

    I invite you to step into a space where your differences are not just accepted but are the key to unlocking your true potential. Let’s flip the script together, trusting ourselves and embracing our unique paths to success.