Hi there, I’m Lauren Polly.

I invite you to delve into my world of creativity, sensitivity, and holistic entrepreneurship. From organizing neighborhood plays as a child to navigating the complexities of mental health and embracing a holistic lifestyle, my path has been anything but conventional.

On this page, I share the pivotal moments and transformative experiences that have shaped who I am today—from a deep crisis to a flourishing career and eventually to founding Elevate, a program designed to merge creativity with mental well-being. Join me in exploring how I turned challenges into opportunities and how I can help you do the same.

A Creative and Sensitive Beginning

As a child, I was deeply in tune with the emotions of those around me, which allowed for profound connections. I was the kid who organized neighborhood plays and wrote poetry under the stars, dreaming of making a big impact on the world. This creative spirit and my natural sensitivity were my first guides in life.

Challenges of Adolescence

However, adolescence brought challenges. My sensitivity and deep feelings, which once felt like gifts, began to isolate me. I felt too different, too sensitive—like I didn’t fit into my own skin. This struggle with my identity and place in the world led to a personal crisis and eventually to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

A Holistic Turning Point

Everything started to change when I met a holistic psychiatrist. This doctor didn’t just see a diagnosis; they saw me. They treated my whole self, not just parts of me. I learned the crucial importance of mind-body connection and holistic care. It was a pivotal moment that taught me how to thrive in a world that often felt overwhelmingly loud.

Achieving ‘Normal’ Success

With these new tools of self-care, I managed to carve out a successful medical career, reaching my peak professional goal by the age of 27. Despite this success, I realized I had sacrificed my creative spirit and sensitive nature to meet these goals. My career, though successful, felt incomplete.

Reintegrating My True Self

Determined to bring creativity and sensitivity back into my life, I turned to yoga, meditation, and art therapy. My passion for learning drove me to dive deeper, leading to teacher trainings and eventually sharing what I learned with others. This was how my business began, initially as side jobs that offered the holistic and empathic approach I found lacking in my hospital work.

An Evolving Entrepreneurial Path

From there, my path as an entrepreneur took shape. I was invited to speak at events, host workshops, and coach through online programs. I shared my personal story of transformation, helping others navigate their own. My experiences and insights were eventually captured in my multi-award-winning book.

Creating Elevate

My interactions sparked a realization: there are many out there like me—people who learn and share with their whole selves but struggle with self-care while pursuing their passions. This led to the creation of Elevate, a membership program designed to help others find their sweet spot where creativity and mental well-being meet.

My Mission

Today, all my work is dedicated to helping others discover their creativity, sensitivity, natural ease, and unique gifts. Through Elevate, I invite you to live a life that not only embraces your professional ambitions but also deeply fulfills your personal needs.


Step Into Your Future with Confidence

As we stand at the crossroads of potential and realization, I invite you to join me in transforming challenges into stepping stones for growth. Together, we can navigate the journey towards a life that not only meets your professional aspirations but also deeply resonates with your personal fulfillment. Let’s embrace our unique paths, leverage our collective strengths, and create a future that shines brighter because we are in it together. Connect with me, and let us walk this transformative path side by side, crafting a life that truly celebrates who you are.