If you’re looking for more out of life
– and of yourself!

without the punishment of hard work then

✔  You’re not alone and

✔ You’re in the right place!

✔  creative whose ideas keep her up at night (but is blocked with taking action)

✔  caregiver who is about done with putting herself last (just don’t know how)

✔  obsessive dreamer / seeker (but need direction on how bring it from fantasy to reality)

✔  success already yet want to reach for more (without the guilt!)

Then welcome to your launch pad! 

On this complimentary discovery call we’ll explore:

 ✔  Where you are now and where you’d like to be.

✔  What is keeping you stuck and, more importantly, how to get yourself un-stuck.

✔  What you’ve been doing that isn’t working and what choices you can make now to change this.

✔  Simple follow-up steps to help you move forward.

✔  What it would be like to enter into a creative, supportive and healing space with me.

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    I teach you how to use your “spidey sense” as a stellar life-navigation system. You can then use it to create anything you want while enjoying more ease along the way.

    What is “spidey sense?” It’s the sense of what’s really going on beyond what the mind can figure out (aka intuition, emotional intelligence, empathy).

    We all have it; we’re just not taught how to use it consciously.

    As a result, we get too tuned into what’s around us and develop un-healthy patterns like:

    • Fulfilling other’s needs above your own – misuse of your empathy and caring!
    • Overwhelmed to the point of inaction – spidey sense run amuck!
    • Living up to what’s expected of you – afraid of waking up one day to realize you never created anything of your own?
    • Maintaining the status-quo – aka not following the possibilities for transformation and growth…

    Let’s tune your inner-guide, find your true north, and develop the stick-to-it-ness to follow it. After all, if your mind could figure out how to make you happy wouldn’t it have done so by now?!