Cultivating Mental Wealth
What’s been right about you all along?

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You’ve done well…

Success in life despite your diagnosis has been achieved.  Yet you still feel there is something missing – could that missing part be you?

Traditional treatment – and let’s face it day to day life – has a way of wearing down our edges to fit into the norm.  Over time the unique parts of ourselves get suppressed so we can find a lane in life.  Other people’s expectations, guarding against another breakdown, being perfectly sane so no one knows you were ever not…

It gets exhausting holding it together all the time.  This exhaustion has become so normalized and habitual though that many don’t even notice it – do you?

When our diagnosis has become our self-identity that script constantly plays in the background.  It’s the thing we actively hide or reveal.  We check and edit ourselves against it constantly.  We waste valuable resources this way.

The thing is it’s built on a lie – that your difference is wrong.  And that you need to fix, pull away or mask it to succeed.

What would be created if you did the opposite and embraced your difference instead?

It may seem scary to re-visit those cleaved edges.  In many cases they were made no-no zones – places where you felt too much, saw what no one else did or began a downward spiral.

But what if that zone was where your true brilliance lies?   There is a reason you’ve been feeling less than whole, exhausted and fearful even in the midst of your success.

You see, it’s our difference that makes us great – and without the acceptance and USE of it in our lives, we never reach our true potential.

You just need to learn how to dance along that edge – to look normal, while thinking and living wildly. 


What I do

I work with high-functioning, high-performing individuals who have been clever enough to succeed despite their diagnosis.  But by always being in work-around mode…

They look picture-perfect but they struggle with…

… Chronic tension; mental, physical, and emotional

…. Control tactics which cap their potential and stick forward movement

…. Hiding parts of themselves – never living relaxed, whole and authentically

…. Auto-pilot – lost in people-pleasing, expectation matching and perfection insanity


Through Cultivating Mental Wealth, we:

– Develop a clear vision of ourselves, the world, and how we interplay with it. No longer viewing us through the shadowy filter of our diagnosis. Nor the rosy filter of toxic positivity. But from the fertile ground of honesty and awareness.

– Play the edge of looking normal while thinking wild.  Enjoying that sweet spot of strength and agility that allows you to be and do whatever you wish, whenever you wish it.

– Solidify our foundation as evolving, malleable creatures. There is always more and you aren’t stuck by anything or anyone.  Yes, you can change the unchangeable.

– Embrace our uniqueness and lean into our natural tendencies. There was nothing ever wrong with them. They just fell outside of the norm. But what if that’s where your true brilliance lies? You just need to know how to apply it…

From here the beauty of an impactful, fulfilled life begins to sprout.


Ready to dive in?

Since my multi-award-winning book, The Other Side of Bipolar, came out I’ve been asked if I’m a stand-alone case.

If the kind of change I experienced isn’t available to everyone on mass. I say hell no to this.

We have strokes of brilliance and gifts that fall outside of the norm and therefore have been mis-labeled and gone un-tapped.  It takes exploring them from a different perspective where we question everything, judge nothing and challenge the narrative to un-lock our true potential.

As I walk my elite clients through this process, I have seen time and again that change is possible. Despite the chronic condition they have lived with for years.  Empowering them to explore their own unique way of doing it has been my greatest joy.

Are you curious to see what could change for you if given the guidance, support, and freedom to explore?

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