If you have been feeling like you have been hiding parts of yourself than this will help you:

  •  Stop judging yourself and

  • Embrace what makes you uniquely you.

What if your most judge-able trait was your most valuable asset in disguise?

In this world being different equals being wrong. Think back to when you were a child and you were judged for not fitting in. Having a voice or outlook or personality trait that made you stand out. Did you feel that you were able to foster and use that difference? Or was it bad in some way and so it needed to be changed?

This “rule of the road” will teach you how to recognize your difference, nurture it and use it for greater success. We’ll also explore why we feel called to shut down this side of ourselves. Shining light on why we react to judgment helps us meet it with a stronger backbone the next time it comes our way. And by embracing your difference you too can start to see your innate assets to create a life you love.

For me, this is the corner stone of my life’s work – both what I like to offer others and what I like to offer myself. I have found so many usable assets in what was once defined as my mental illness. (see my multi-award-winning book for more on this!). I’ve seen the same in each client

I’ve worked with. In this world of conformity and stagnation, we need your difference. It’s what will let you thrive and the world evolve.