If you’ve been feeling kicked around by others – or yourself – then this will help you:


  • Soften your inner dialogue and

  • Create healthier relationships as a result

What would living in a kinder world be like?

Our world and the people in it can be harsh in how they treat each other. And yes, that includes how we treat ourselves. It often feels like walking through a world build of sharp edges. You get cut and bruised on a daily basis. 

What’s most shocking is the root of that is usually stemming from our own mind. Our negative self-talk leads to an environment where no kindness can flourish. How can we expect others to honor us if we don’t honor ourselves?  

This ‘rule of the road’ will help you take your power of kindness back. By creating a kind world first in your own head – to you! – you will then be able to build a life that supports that. When you treat yourself harshly you give others the permission to do so too. When you focus on self-kindness, you’re in the power-position to say no to judgment.

For me, self-kindness is my go-to tool when I get locked in perfection mindset. The judgment that comes with such high standards is exhausting. It also limits your forward movement as you can’t seem to out-run that negative voice in your head. Talk about distraction! Applying kindness as a practice has softened my world and allowed me to ride the waves of life with more ease.