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“Lauren is a wonder. When I began working with her, I wanted to rediscover my power. What I experienced was my true self and my body. These two things, opened me to an expanded awareness, which helped me to realize not only my true identity, but how I can use this to create possibilities. Working with Lauren is a wondrous adventure, and a gift that you give yourself.”

-Renee, Oregon

“I hadn’t realized that I was bored in communications because I wasn’t allowing myself to show up as me. After working with Lauren personal and professional interactions are more focused, creative and easy.”

-Susan, Toronto

“My writing is more liquid, the solid places that once stuck me and kept me from moving forward are gone. The moment of pause and hesitation, the doubt is no longer a strong distractor for me and my work feels lighter and more playful! Thank you so much!”

– Chrissy, Indiana

“Lauren has been instrumental in my healing from my anxiety disorder. Her practical tools, different perspectives and use of her personal experience couple into the most comprehensive ‘therapy’ I’ve ever had.”

– Mona, Beirut