If you’re weighed down by the world or struggle with overwhelm than this will help you


  • Recognize the impact others have on you and

  • Not absorb other’s stuff anymore

What if the heaviness you feel doesn’t belong to you?

We have a funny idea that we live separate from others. We’re surprised when their upsets ripple through our emotional space. We don’t acknowledge how aware we are and what that awareness – when you don’t go oh that’s what this is! – can impact in our lives. 

You see, the majority of our thoughts, emotions and body sensations are not ours. They are our awareness of the world. But when we don’t know that we internalize it and own it. Before long we start to feel like there is something wrong with us. Not that we’re connected and aware of others. 

This “rule of the road” will teach you how to recognize when others are impacting you. You’ll discover how to release old issues by letting go of you’ve been carrying that was never yours. You’ll also find out how to not pick up new stuff as you move throughout your day. 

For me this was a game-changer in recovering from anxiety, shyness and mood swings. As soon as I learned this tool, I was able to find something I had always felt was missing – me! And being around people became way easier…